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Human Resources

How to tackle the increasing number of market challenges that we are facing every day? How to build a company whose name will induce a sense of respect from the community? How to be successful?
We define answers to these questions with our employment policy:


Aware of the fact that, when technologies are widely available our biggest competitive advantage is our human capital; we made it one of our key priorities. We constantly develop our process of managing human resources by improving and adjusting to new market circumstances. For us, our employees are truly the most valuable capital and we always strive to prove that.

By a thoughtful approach to the recruitment process, systematical implementation of motivational measures, professional development of employees and close monitoring of their success, we create an environment in which personal aspirations of each individual becomes a basic tool for the success of the entire company.    

Through an adequate reward system, COMBIS motivates its employees toward the goal achievement, as well as development of business values that COMBIS strives to achieve on all levels. COMBIS is always going forward, faster, better and higher. Our employees have always been our biggest competitive advantage.

By employees young and highly educated people, by investing in their education and expertise through attendance of business schools, expert workshops, seminars and through organization of internal expert workshops COMBIS Academy, COMBIS succeeded in building a recognizable place on the regional IT market.
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