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Digital age is an age of change. That's why Combis changes as well.

One of these changes is the new business model. A model that enables freedom in development of new ideas, new products, but with corporate security.

Business model we are mentioning here is similar to a startup, but with all the support of know-how and resources Combis has. That's why we called it - Neostartup.

Being aware of the fact that not all ideas will turn into products, we are nevertheless willing to try. We explore and develop because we want to encourage knowledge, excellence and passion for business – through that approach we want to increase competitive strength and create new vision for the future.

Our Neostartup is not a „classic“ startup incubator. Combis is not in a search for startup in order to invest with the aim to achieve best ROI. What we are looking for is the best synergy effect with Combis.

We are interested in ideas which will additionally enrich Combis. On the other hand, Combis can assist with its expertise, its understanding of the market. Our main goal is to attract new ideas to Combis, support passion for experimenting and new knowledge, attract young people who think innovatively and develop their skills, not merely technical ones, but also project management skills, sales and business planning and alike. Besides already mentioned advantages, security that Combis can offer to a startup crew is one of the main differences in reference to a „classic“ startup.

Our wish is to make a leap and combine the best of both worlds – security, experience and stability from a renowned IT company, which proved its strength countless times in this 25 years, with a startup culture which supports experimenting – all with the aim to create something truly innovative. In this way colleagues will gain the opportunity for acquiring know-how, develop their approach to business and to project management.

We expect from Neostartup teams to secure employees' development, business growth and Combis strengthening. By interpenetration of flexible startup work culture with know-how in Combis, form consultancy to project management, Combis portfolio may grow in new, more competitive market directions.

Follow Combis’ Neostartup projects and feel free to contact us if you want to become a part of our Neostartup project!

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Looking for the inspiration? We present one of Neostartup examples that came to life - iFlight team. Find out more about the project:
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