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Combis has achieved the highest VMware Partner status


Zagreb, January 30th, 2018 - The leading provider of IT services in Croatia became VMware Premier Partner as a result of innovative projects and expertise proven by numerous certifications


Combis, the leading provider of IT services in Croatia, has secured the highest partnership status from one of the world's leading virtualization providers – VMware.

VMware Premium Partner status is acquired through certification and engineering expertise as well as realization of projects on VMware technology.

"Combis has been working with virtualization technologies for more than 15 years, we have put big-bet on this part of IT and we were right. The first step in the significant application of virtualization technology was the transformation of a physical data center into a virtual one, followed by a new period based on virtualization - the so-called Cloud era. Now, we have now recognized a new, disruptive trend brought by virtualization - a software-defined data center and decided to take a bold step in that direction", said Igor Dužević, Technical director of System Integration Division at Combis.

Software-defined data centers, or SDDC (Software Defined Data Center) technology, breaks the current paradigm of data center, which is being built into silos and transforms all into a software-managed level. The Software Defined Networking model enables the implementation of critical network services, regardless of infrastructure, pay as you grow model and much more secure architecture in the data center.

ivo-sladoljev-02"The acquisition of the highest partnership status is a confirmation of Combis competences in the domain of sales and implementation of the most complex VMware virtualization solutions. Partnership with Combis, one of the leading system integrator in Croatia, guarantees a further positive trend of digital end-user transformation on domestic and regional IT market", commented Ivo Sladoljev, regional manager of VMware for Central Europe.

Last year Combis has realized several major projects from the SDDC technology domain that will be featured on upcoming events such as Combis Technology Day and Combis Conference.

"Combis is a leader in the field of virtualization on the domestic market. So far, the company has been dominant in desktop virtualization and application virtualization, and has now stepped into other areas of virtualization. With innovative and challenging SDDC projects, along with users who have recognized the value of advanced data centers in their business, we have achieved a remarkable result in this segment through 2017, and created unique portfolio on the market", said Hrvoje Dunkić, director of System Integration Division at Combis.

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