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Combis implemented self-service exchange offices in Fina

ratimir120x80Combis and the Financial Agency (Fina) have successfully conducted the first two implementations of the ComExchange solution.

Combis, the leading provider of IT services in Croatia has implemented the ComExchange system for self-service and automated exchange of foreign currencies into Croatian Kuna in two branches of the Financial Agency (Fina). The first ComExchange device was implemented at the Fina office in Rovinj, at Giordano Paliaga 2, while the second one was put into operation on February 21, at the location of Fina in Split at Trg Franje Tuđmana 4 (access from Marmont street).

"We are very proud of our ComExchange solution since it is not only an advanced and complete solution, but also a user-friendly device that provides a very simple exchange of foreign currencies in the Croatian Kuna. This device can be placed on any internal or external available location, wherever exists a need for non-stop available exchange service. ComExchange was created by the top team of Combis specialists who are working with self-service solutions and devices", commented Ratimir Boršić, director of Technical Support Division at Combis.

ComExchange devices in Rovinj and Split make possible to exchange the Euro banknotes, the Swiss Franc, the US Dollar and the British Pound into the Croatian Kuna, and the maximum amount of the transaction is equivalent to HRK 2,500.00. The most widely-used currency, the Euro, can be exchanged in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 EUR. ComExchange devices can receive multiple foreign currencies of a particular currency at the same time, which speeds up the transaction and also, payments in Kuna are possible in the form of banknotes or coins up to a minimum of 50 lipas (coins).

drazen_covic_fina120"I believe that many users will recognize the value of the exchange office available from 0 to 24 and the simplicity in use. That is why we are planning to implement more automated exchanges on existing exchange spots, as well as setting up the ComExchange device to the new and frequent locations," said Dražen Čović, President of the Management Bord of the Financial Agency.


Modus operandi of the exchange devices and all system components are fully aligned with the legal regulations and the decisions of the Croatian National Bank (HNB). This implies exclusively repurchase of foreign currency banknotes, but not their sale.

The ComExchange solution was designed in Combis's Department of Self-Service Solutions and was implemented in a partnership with Micro World and ArsBlue, part of the NEXI Group.

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