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Connection between IT and business is very important for IT managers in Croatia

ctd2018_120The sixth Combis Technology Day was devoted to IT strategy and advanced networking solutions.


The leading provider of IT services in Croatia COMBIS, in partnership with its partner, Cisco, has organized the sixth Combis Technology Day, dedicated to top IT solutions, services and technologies.

For the sixth consecutive year, Combis has been introducing IT innovations, and this year the focus was on digitalisation and business development with the help of IT. Combis has traditionally conducted research before this event with the aim to discover the difference between planned and realized business goals, as well as investments in IT projects during 2017.

According to this year's survey results, in 2017, participants were focused on the realization of strategic business goals such as improvement/redesigning business processes, development of new products and services and digital business transformation, strengthening IT and business connection, and reducing IT costs.

By comparing this year's results s with the planned strategic business goals in 2017, it is clear that some aspects of the research have not been altered from the planned ones, such as improvement/ redesign of business processes (51% vs. 49% realization) and IT cost reduction (plan 31, 7% vs. realization 31.6%) while the development of new products and services and digital business transformation (41.5% vs 35.7% realization) receded in favour of the connection between IT and business (plan 24.4% vs realization 34.7%).

"Our customers were consistent with their 2017 goals and largely adhered to their plans, but the importance of the connection between IT and business increased, so we could say there was a certain business adjustment to the market environment. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that their strategic goals are being achieved through IT, and that digitization has become a common denominator for all business advancements", commented Tatjana Peček, COMBIS Business Consultant.

Peček emphasized that Combis continually adapts to the market and customers’ needs, and because of that, the company has been working on strengthening ICT consulting expertise, on creating innovative digital products and on its own digital development. Combis Technology Day also introduced topics such as providing the best user experience regardless of the geographic location of users using virtualization, the application of Combis' Big Data platform 'Husky' for digital marketing needs in the financial industry. In addition, the revolution in the design of local networks has been introduced through the new generation of SD-Access solutions, as well as all the innovations in the collaboration that brings the use of Cisco Spark solution.

As networking solutions are an inescapable ICT topic, Combis has recently refreshed its business offerings with the new generation networks.

"Business digitalisation is the key driver of business transformation and the precondition for competitiveness. Regardless of the type of industry, the most successful companies have something in common - a modern and automated IP network infrastructure. I am very pleased that we had the opportunity, on and at Combis Technology Day, to present the exceptional expertise we have in the field of networking solutions and services, as well as the world's technological leader - the Cisco company", said Domagoj Pehar, content Director of COMBIS Technology Day.
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