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COMBIS 5+: Digitalization and automatization of internal processes in focus of the companies in Croatia

dunka2018_120The accent of this year’s COMBIS 5+ event was on key areas for implementation of digital transformation from systems engineer’s perspective as well as on advantages of Cloud services.


The leading provider of IT services in Croatia COMBIS and Microsoft Croatia gathered IT specialists on COMBIS 5+ event, focusing on digital transformation in business and technological innovations of Microsoft Cloud services.

On sixth edition of COMBIS 5+ event, specialists talked about key areas for the implementation of digital transformation by introducing technological novelties in Microsoft Cloud offer, transforming the data centre infrastructure through hybrid cloud options and the transformation of application platforms in the cloud as well as about security and GDPR.

"The growing need for digitalization and transformation of business processes further highlights the advantages of Cloud services. That’s why this year we have dedicated our traditional event to system engineers and addressed their everyday challenges with focus on digital transformation. COMBIS is the Microsoft leading partner for Cloud transformation in Croatia and the winner of Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award in 2017. We are very proud of our experts and numerous achievements and business results. Our experts’ willingness to share their rich knowledge, is the main reason for this great interest for COMBIS 5+ events for the now sixth year in a row", said Hrvoje Dunkić, director of Division for Emerging Business and Growth in COMBIS.

Shortly before COMBIS 5+ event we have conducted a research which goal was to get insight in opinion of the participants on digital transformation and to see how companies access digital transformation and which technologies they use the most. Respondents were able to give multiple responses.

The results have shown that for most of the respondents (84%) digital transformation represents an opportunity for improving the company's business with innovative technologies and processes and for more than half of the respondents (55,4%) it represents also an opportunity for gaining new competences. Very little number of respondents (8,1%) consider digital transformation as merely one more temporary trend.

The mentioned results are also confirmed by the fact that 65% of the respondents have declared that their companies already achieved certain business improvements, and 58% of the respondents claim that digital transformation already has a significant impact on their company’s business. Two areas in which the respondents consider having the biggest benefits of digital transformation are digitalization and automatization of internal processes (78%) as well as empowering employees through new ways of collaboration (50%).

Commenting on this year’s results, Ilija Ranogajec, Cloud Solution Architect in COMBIS said: "It is positive to hear that many companies are already digitalizing their business processes, especially internal processes. Also, the concept of Cloud is more represented in the service of digital transformation of companies and strengthens the focus on the innovative use of technology. I’m glad that we have an opportunity to exchange experiences on the trendiest topic – digital transformation, because it represents many opportunities, but also challenges for companies. "

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