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ComBanking - Internet and mobile banking

There is really no need to particularly point out how important data security and speed of data transmission are in today's everyday business operation. Financial institutions have to set themselves apart from the competition by providing higher-quality, faster and more secure service, thus building trust and loyalty in their clients. With this in mind, COMBIS developed a wide range of innovative solutions and services to meet the needs of financial institutions.

Internet Banking

Internet Banking is one of the most frequently used ways of conducting financial transactions, both by natural and legal persons. In its ComBanking application, Combis has developed a range of useful benefits and features of online account management and control, as well as of carrying out cashless local and foreign currency transactions, online and in real time, including prompt reporting on performed transactions, while fully observing privacy requirements.

ComBanking will enable banks to save material and human resources by reducing the need for paperwork and physical presence in the banks, thus reducing the need to stand in long queues, to the mutual satisfaction of both e-banking users and bank employees.

Use of the ComBanking application will enable users to issue orders to the benefit of the recipient's account at another authorized financial organization, to issue orders in advance or at execution date, as well as instant execution of orders to the benefit of the recipient's account at the same bank.

The system includes authorization verification instruments for each user, as well as protection against reading or modification of data during the transfer of users’ orders to and from the bank. Another item inspiring confidence in all users of ComBanking application is the impossibility of cancellation of issued and received orders by both the bank and the user.

Mobile Banking

In addition to the current offer of Internet banking services, Combis has extended its product range to mobile banking. Mobile Banking will provide the bank's clients with direct access to banking services via smart phones. Modern technologies make Mobile Banking just as versatile as Internet Banking, at the same time fully observing high security standards appropriate for banking systems.

Thanks to the features of the mobile devices used, Mobile Banking provides banks with increased access to customers and with more opportunities of informing clients about new offers and products.

The technological capabilities of Mobile Banking are almost unlimited, providing a high level of scalability, which ensures their longevity. Mobile applications work transparently with any modern technology on the server side, and therefore are easily and quickly integrated into existing systems. In addition, the display of the application is customizable to fully respect the brand and the "look-and-feel" of the bank.


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