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ComContact - Integrated IP Contact Center

We live in a time in which information often have immeasurable value and communication, being the channel of their exchange, is an unavoidable part of everyday business. Success often depends on timely receipt of information made possible by unobstructed communication.

Nowadays an increasing number of companies are investing in the construction of contact centers. The investments turn contact centers into profit-oriented parts of the company and ensure comparative advantage on the market. Superior possibilities of contact centers of today stem from the advantages of the use of a comprehensive Internet Protocol (IP)-based network integrating speech, video and data transfer.

COMBIS solution ComContact functions as an integrated contact center, consisting of a number of technological-functional modules allowing integrated contact management, regardless of direction and type of communication. Integrated contact center links the user and the company through all available communication channels (telephone, fax, e-mail, voice mail, web, sms and personal, direct contact) in the manner most acceptable to the user – on the media he/she uses most frequently. Contact center facilitates the development of company-user relationship by making possible closer interconnectedness and cooperation to their mutual satisfaction.

By complementing the offer in all business segments, the company achieves a significant business and psychological effect of displaying its capability of offering services in tune with the demands of the time, available technologies, oriented towards meeting the needs of its users, all with the aim of keeping the old and attracting new users, simultaneously building an image of a strong and capable company which places equal value on all its users and makes every service available at any given moment. Simple plan for realization of above goals is:

  • being the leader in offer,
  • knowing each user better than anyone else knows him/her,
  • communicating with the user more efficiently and effectively than anyone else.

The solution consists of a mutually integrated technological and applicative solution. Technological solution based on IP telephony contains components allowing contact receipt and processing on different communication channels, while applicative solution provides for integral contact recording in IPCC (Internet Protocol Contact Center), as well as complaints receipt, insight into all contacts with a particular user and other functionalities of the comprehensive contact center solution.


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