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ComCRM - Business Relationship Management

Just like we in COMBIS believe that customer always comes first, our customers also place their customers at the very top of their business priorities. Devoting oneself to individual customers is not always easy, but today, if one is to achieve business success in an increasingly competitive market, it is imperative to make and keep a satisfied customer.

To help all its customers to have satisfied clients of their own, COMBIS developed the ComCRM solution – Business Relationship Management. The solution improves the company-customer relationship by helping sales staff to monitor all business contacts with individual customers and providing information essential for making quality decisions.

ComCRM allows everyday recording of all types of communication with the customer, individual sale and campaign planning, as well as monitoring of their successfulness. To allow the company to get to know its customer the best it can and pinpoint his/her status more easily, ComCRM gives an insight into customer’s contribution to company’s net revenue and the structure of realized net revenue by product groups to the level of individual transactions, with the possibility of comparison with preceding years. This enables sales personnel to have at its disposal information on the influence of price of product offered to customer profitability, which improves their negotiating position. 

Gathering and assembling data on individual customers is used for making reports and alike, freeing up sales personnel for sales activities, informing managers in advance on any unsettled matured obligations, obligation maturation, account blockage, and the like. This allows quality supervision of the customer and facilitates sales activity planning.  
ComCRM allows the customer to strategically plan the sale for the ensuing year by products, by customers and by organizational level – from individual sectors, all the way up to managers. One of the important possibilities the application offers is the comparison of realized revenue with the plan, which can serve as the basis for evaluation of successfulness of business relation manager and individual organizational parts – areas extremely demanding for monitoring and evaluation.

COMBIS has additionally upgraded the solution, by expanding usage from business customers to citizenship. ComCRM thereby unites all customer data because the unique operational system for business relationship management enables all employees to access integrated and unified database containing information about each customer.

All customer data are available on one place, regardless of time and place of their origin. The system thereby enables fully individual and personalized approach to the customer, thus ensuring retaining of existing customers and simplifies the selection and classification of future customers.

ComCRM solution is a portal application that enables simple integration with other company systems, and an additional advantage is the possibility of developing solution according to the specific needs and demands of each company. This intuitive, ergonomically shaped and thus easily manageable solution, is aimed for all medium and large companies that have the need to systematically monitor customer business relationship, as well as to automate processes of planning and sales activities.

Customer satisfaction is an imperative of success. The right approach to customer needs and wishes is the key precondition to achieve business goals. By implementing ComCRM system, the company is able to highly improve and consolidate customer relationship management. Moreover, conjoint data use as the key for making quality decisions, therefore, enabling even better business results.  


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