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ComDigitalOffice – Solution for office work

Business today requires clear and efficient business processes with opportune access to all the necessary information, which today can be achieved with electronic office work.

COMBIS has developed a solution ComDigitalOffice for electronic office work. The solution makes registration and access to documents easier and enables simple linking of documents of administrative and non-administrative procedure in a unique work environment. In that way, registration of all documents fall within the scope of a company or administration board, this simplifies organization of information and tasks.

All documents that are arriving into an organization, after the scanning process, continue their life cycle electronically. Documents, at the same time, receive unique marks: class and registration number, and are being forwarded to the organizational unit and/or person in charge of treating the document. That enables monitoring of document in every moment, depending on its status. By analysis of documents workflow it is possible to detect, so called 'bottelnecks' in an organization and take steps towards increasing efficacy.

ComDigitalOffice improves work productivity by providing consistency among documents and accounts which secures more quality and faster performance. Simple receipt is enabled along with monitoring of document's path and status throughout organization and time. Solution also provides an oversight of classifying elements and document search, according to different criteria. Stewardship files through this solution will be adjusted to the current book-keeping method and users will be able to embrace new ways of work in a very short time period, partially thanks to the possibility of inserting information about documents fast and simple with the help of existing menus with created code marks.

While developing the system, Combis was using legally prescribed documentation, with enabling flexible import of code marks in arbitrarily form. In that way the system will be adjusted for many different ways of importing the code system.

Compliance with law regulations

Law regulations define official record as every written document by which certain official operation of an organization is started, updated, altered, terminated or finished. Every administration board and/or organization is obligated to take account of all received official records as well as all of their own official records. Office work includes:

  • classification, mapping and entry of official records,
  • delivery of official records in work,
  • administrative-technical processing of official records,
  • upload and transmission of official records,
  • archiving and storage of official records.

ComDigitalOffice solution enables:

  • Efficient document receipt – inscription of textual data about document, assignation of register number to the official record and distribution of document over organizational units. It is possible to take over the document via electronic mail.
  • Scanning of input documents in some of standard graphic formats (word document, plain text, graphic data) and their storage into central relational data base as a supplement.
  • Allocation of work to employees with defined deadlines.
  • Linking of documents – possibility of logical linking of documents and their supplements and possibility of merging two or more documents into one.
  • Receipt and processing documents – employees process documents locally, via personal computers, by using some of standard Office tools (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc).
  • Control and supervision of processing documents – it is possible to monitor documents on the level of organizational units and company level (where is a certain document – in which organizational unit, which employee is processing the document, current state of processing, etc.).
  • Document dispatch and archiving after the processing document.
  • Forming a report through numeric indicators for a certain time period on the company level, organizational units' level, employees' level; according to types of documents and manner of processing, as well as time of ending the procedure.
  • Classification of input, output and internal official records – registration (filing) of administrative and/or non-administrative official records.
  • Routing and/or dispatching registered official documents for analysis – administrative-technical processing of official records (daily, periodically and annual reports).
  • Evidence of official records status (registered, in process, finished, cancelled and archived).
  • Classification of marks and register numbers – they are created by program, depending of defined parameters and selected elements from menu: category, file, document, type of official record and institution, and also depending on employee in charge or organizational unit. Menus for classification marks and institution types are created according to the Book of regulations for unique classification marks and numeric data from creators and recipients of official records, with necessary alterations according to today's organization of public administration.
  • Support – program solution supports current state of the organization in an institution and replicates it through codes, according to the type of organizational units (board, department,...), and according to their location.
  • Status assignment – it is allowed to assign status to registered official records (registered, in process, finished, cancelled and archived), depending of the current state of the official record.
  • Special marking of official record – according to the level of confidentiality official record can have a special mark (for example: top secret, confidential, internal).

ComDigitalOffice has several important characteristics:

  • Data which describe document are imported only once by a person in charge of the document.
  • Data from documents can be seen only by those users who own the right for insight of a certain document. Every unauthorised access to documents is not possible.
  • Any kind of alteration of data that describe document can be inserted only by the user who has the right to change the document, although every alteration is available to all other network users.

Data entry is fast and simple owing to the encryption lists. Documents are classified in accordance with a valid classification system of Regulations of office work. Classification marks and register numbers are automatically generated during the storage of document into base. Also every path of a document inside the organization is registered, as well as every change of a document's status.


  • State Bureau of Metrology, Republic of Croatia
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