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ComInsurance is a solution for managing business content in insurance companies, based on Oracle Enterprise Content Management technology.

It is a technology that “understands” the entire content life cycle, applying a corresponding degree of control and protection, offering additional support to the users in every stage of the content management. The system significantly contributes to the improvement of daily business applying different functionalities:

  • version control,
  • indexing for easier search,
  • predefined content cleaning minimizes risk of unwanted deleting of files,
  • adjustment of metadata,
  • security characteristics with encryption,
  • and other advanced functionalities for work with the content.


Some of ComInsurance functional characteristics are:

  • Attachment of photographs of the insured vehicle to hull insurance policy, and the additional review and search of the photographs attached to hull insurance policy.
  • Attaching all insurance policies and follow-up documentation from specific package (e.g. family) into unique file attached to the policy holder.
  • Insight into photographs, that are made at estimation and evaluation of damage claim, directly from the damage report.
  • Converting photographs into different standardized formats according to user and application needs.
  • A logical connection of the documents that originate when processing damage claims (notification, photograph of the damage, extra documentation, subsequent review of the damage, elaboration of the damage request and similar). Thus connected damage documents can additionally be connected to the insurance policy according to which the damage claim is being processed or with the policy holder.
  • Distribution of information about the damage status and calculations to public users through web.
  • Grouping different types of business documents into records that compose one matter.
  • The possibility of regulating time limits of storing documents, that are set by law, by document type with automated removal of outdated content.
  • The protection of information and documents of high importance from unwanted view, copying and multiplication.


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