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ComPlain - Complaints Center

To allow its customers rapid and successful error elimination, prompt settlement of problems, complaints and objections, thus providing them an opportunity to additionally cement their good relations with their customers, COMBIS developed the ComPlain application – Complaints Center.

ComPlain was developed as a centralized application for management of all types of complaints, requests and other business events with predetermined lifecycle, procedures, duration and resolution methods. Granting the right of access to an application and additional division by job and task description allows all employees simple entry, takeover, rerouting, escalation, closure and analysis of the work inside the company, while simple and well laid out web interface provides a sophisticated manner of control of each and every reclamation or request.

The use of the web interface also saves additional investments into extant infrastructure, making solution implementation throughout the entire information system, at one or more locations, extremely easy. Additional integration with the human resources basis, customers’ bases and opening the application up to external suppliers and subcontractors allows simple gathering and analysis of all the documents received.   

Integration of ComPlain with ComContact or any other multi-channel contact center application allows for additional automatic form filling functionality, additional customer notification on the complaint status, as well as other actions advancing relationships with clients.

Installation of business processes and extant entry forms containing mandatory information, ensures that every request or complaint received contains sufficient information to allow their resolution in the shortest possible period, depending on the gravity and urgency of the problem. If the customer is categorized as VIP customer, it is possible to use the URGENT functionality, in which such received requests are given priority over all others, thus ensuring high quality business relationship.  


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