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Exchange 2010 – an advanced solution for e-mail system

E-mail systems today no longer serve exclusively for sending and receiving electronic messages. They are much more than that, they are collaborative platforms with features, such as access to resources through all known Internet browsers, unified access to e-mail, direct messaging and etc. which can significantly contribute to the mobility of users.

By the implementation of the communications platform based on the Microsoft Exchange 2010 system, COMBIS provides customers with the best way to communicate, regardless of their location.

Following the rules of best practices and recommendations of software manufacturers, COMBIS experts have made several significant projects of migration and transition of the existing e-mail infrastructure to the new Exchange 2010 system, with an emphasis on highly available solutions and solutions that are based on virtualization platform.

In this way, users are able to use a wide range of possibilities and features integrated in the Exchange 2010 solution, as well as achieving the main goal – a stable and scalable communications infrastructure with the potential for integration with other applications. Some of the benefits experienced by users of the new system are:

  • the ability to work from remote locations,
  • usage of their own resources by using mobile phones,
  • integrated archiving,
  • high availability at different locations,
  • improvements in the centralized management of platform resources and
  • the possibility of overall data protection.

The Exchange 2010 e-mail system is based on the new architectural model, with improved management tools. This advanced new generation e-mail system significantly increases performance, scalability and reliability in comparison with previous versions and allows complete customization to customer needs.

The new values of the system have already been recognized by numerous users of the Exchange 2010 system and some of the leading Croatian companies and organizations have given their trust to COMBIS. The reasons for selecting COMBIS as their systems integrator were primarily expertise, knowledge and experience of project team members, as well as high quality project implementation.

COMBIS experts participate in all phases of project implementation, from the analysis of customers' needs and the development of final design, to the integration and commissioning of the entire system. It is noteworthy that COMBIS provides migration and transition to the Exchange 2010 system from any existing version of Exchange, or any other e-mail system.

COMBIS is a Microsoft GOLD Messaging competency partner.

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