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Network Access Control

Due to increased development of informational systems and online business in general, the organizations depend more and more on IT technology, additionally facing bigger challenges in information security:

  • attempts on IT system can result in large business breakdowns and cause productivity decrease as well as financial losses;
  • low security limits allow more frequent unauthorised data access and internal attempts on IT system, thereby increasing risk for the organization to suffer losses in the form of intellectual property and in revealing confidential information;
  • new laws and regulations are introduced, demanding specific security policies and procedures;
  • difficulties with the implementation of security procedures and policies onto devices that are connect to internal network;
  • larger and more complex security threats organizations must solve with limited IT resources.

Due to more and more sophisticated attempts to systems' security, the defence from solely external attempts is no longer sufficient. Organizations are not closed entities with well defined security limits, networks are created without clearly defined access rights. Therefore, there is a great need for internal secure systems that now have to be more complex and integrated than ever before.

Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) Appliance is a strong tool for supervision and implementation of security policies, designed to answer all possible challenges. Cisco NAC Appliance secures the appliance of security policies on all computers while entering your network, regardless of device's type, access type, ownership, installed applications or operational system. Cisco NAC provides proactive network protection at any time.

COMBIS provides services of design, implementation and maintenance of Cisco NAC system.



  • Croatian Pension Insurance Institute
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