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ComCard - Social Card System

ComCard is a comprehensive IT solution for management of processes for social assistance provision. The processes that are based on law regulations can be expanded and adjusted to the local self-government regulations. The solution encompasses management of register of users and family members (management of households), management of assignations of particular type of assistance and record of consummation. Furthermore, ComCard enables complete budget monitoring, which, among other functions, includes central management of payments to assistance users and to other institutions that also conduct programmes of social assistance. The solution also enables management and monitoring of costs for each individual user and demographic group.

ComCard application links three key elements in processes of social assistance like registering users and their rights, accounting services (payments, e-banking) and monitoring and planning costs (realization of budget on-line and demographic analysis as a support for planning new measures).

Besides integral management system for social aid, ComCard also includes support for radio frequency identification (RFID) which allows for all workplaces that issue in-kind assistance or work in delivering meals to homes, to integrate into online system of social aid in the simplest way.

Joint register for all users facilitates and accelerates activities of social workers, reduces possibility of errors and allows control of possible abuse. Linking all the information enables faster and more   quality performance of everyday tasks as well as more quality sharing of key information for social workers. Furthermore, changes related to receiving aid for each user can be monitored in a course of time, providing a complete picture of the user.

Assistance expenses are planned in advance and in-depth analysis of all costs incurred by various criteria can be done. Such data can serve as a good basis for future projects.

ComCard is a modern three-tier web application, for which any additional installation on user’s computer is not required so the number of users can be easily and quickly increased, regardless of the location where you are at. That is why special attention was devoted to security in terms of protecting data privacy, individual definition of application users and access data rights. All data is located on central server which facilitates management of their protection, data analysis and possible integration with other systems.

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