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System for monitoring projects of incentives and grants

Every day more and more individuals and organizations show initiatives for progress and development which requires a certain amount of funds, such as incentives and grants. In an overflow of valuable ideas and projects it is a challenge to choose what to foster. It is necessary to take under consideration all available variables, from the submitted documentation, planned moment of realization, the amount of necessary funds as well as many other pre defined criteria. For achieving long-term positive effects through the optimal selection of candidates for assigning grants or incentives, the key is precise and systematic monitoring of the entire business process of assigning grants, from receipt of application to the allocation of funds to chosen candidates.

COMBIS has thereby created a system that secures support for enforcement of business processes in allocations of grants and incentives:

  • Receiving requests for allocation of funding for projects
  • Data completing, their audit in referent data base and evaluation of basic conditions
  • Evaluation of requests by predefined criteria
  • Material preparation for meetings of the committee responsible for selecting projects for grants

Concrete results and qualitative changes

Using applicative solution opens the possibility of improving and completing business processes. It increases efficiency, as well as transparent relation towards project incentives users.

Necessary activities for implementing the system are accomplished almost without any disruption of work continuity. Owing to the fact that the system is based on web technologies, implementation is carried out in a very short period and with significant use of the available IT infrastructure. During the analysis and systems introduction to usage, there is an opportunity for smaller revisions of some work procedures, enabling additional improvement and standardising business processes.

It is possible, in very short period, to entry and process an extensive number of applications. Entry of the same quantity of applications, without using the system, would led to significantly greater consumption of human and material resources, with data distributed on a great number of computers, without central control or the possibility of providing prompt analysis and audit.

Owing to the system for monitoring grants and incentives, data entry is carried out only once, and, depending on predefined user rights, imported data become instantly available for immediate creating of reports and all other material needed for preparation of committee meetings responsible for selecting projects for grants.

Furthermore, implementation of this system contributes to acceleration of data flow within the organization, and by that has created preconditions for adoption of quality decisions, based on actual data and indicators. It is also possible to interconnect the system with other applications within the organization (e.g. Document Management system and etc.), and externally, with other institutions.

Let us not ignore the effects of enabled monitoring of all relevant data about certain candidate for assignment of grant or/and incentive, enabling detection or prevention of eventual misuse of project stimulations.

Moreover, all inserted data are being continuously analysed, thereby enabling delivering reports to all interested parties in real time, including the possibility of placing a public page so users of the grants can monitor their status.

Applicative modules of the system

1. Project catalogue management

  • Creating and updating project data (basic information, managers, time limits, budget)
  • Defining project conditions
  • Defining project criteria

2.  Applications management

  • Candidates data entry
  • Assessment of conditions fulfilment
  • Assessment of criteria fulfilment
  • Allocation of funds to the applicants, according to the decision of the Commission
  • Automatically generated output documents (decisions, gains, payment orders and etc.)

3. Criteria catalogue and demands management

4. Managing other entities in the system necessary for process management

COMBIS provides services of consulting, development, installation, integration and maintenance of the solution, as well as services of education for the customers.


  • Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts, Republic of Croatia
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