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ComPrint - Printing as a Service

ComPrint is a print management service intended for small and medium sized companies that includes software for monitoring of printing infrastructure solutions (including installation of top quality printing devices for optimal capacity), controlling and print management. Compared with other business models on the market, ComPrint is based on actual consumption and on the specific needs of businesses and it enables significant cost savings for each user!

ComPrint’s biggest advantage is that users can focus on their core business, while COMBIS takes care of their complete printing infrastructure.

COMBIS ensures that selected ComPrint solutions are the best fit to customers’ business needs. The appropriate ComPrint pricing model is selected in collaboration with experts. As a result, companies no longer have to worry about purchase and disposal or ordering supplies, because it becomes fully automated. Instead of numerous bills and unnecessary paperwork, customers receive a consolidated monthly bill, and they use their new infrastructure according to their needs, without any restrictions.

For more about the possible service and pricing models, click HERE.
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