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ComQuality - Solution for Quality Management

The researches show that the expenses caused by poor quality (such as: low service quality, repeated and corrected tasks, complaints and refunds), are increasing business costs by 15 to 40%.

The most common reasons of unsatisfactory quality control and management occur due to inadequate flow of information distributed on a series of locations, defining Key Performance Indicators (KPI) only within certain subsystems, as well as due to the absence of standardized platform for data consolidation. Thereby, in many cases, the result of mentioned challenges is uncoordinated information which complicates the decision making process for management.

COMBIS offers the solution, applicable to all business systems, which integrates and consolidates data, making it easily reachable and usable for decision making, thus enabling efficient business management, monitoring of results of business decisions, and quality improvement of services and/or products. Integrated COMBIS' product, ComQuality, is a unique portal platform, adapted to the use of management, that enables insight to the information that originate from different systems, in real time, when the information is needed, providing insight to all parameters that  influence the business.

The advantages of ComQuality solution:

  • Gathering information and monitoring key quality indicators,
  • Processing data in different formats, extracting them into easily readable and standardized portal environment,
  • Creating a unique platform that shortens the time of integration of new key performance indicators (KPI),
  • Access to reliable data and the possibility of using them as a basis for timely decision making,
  • Display of KPI, KQI (Key Quality Indicators) and CPI (Customer Perception Indicators) on the portal, and support for early and prompt discovery of potential quality degradation,
  • Projection of the future service quality with the possibility of changing values of KPI, KQI and CPI,
  • Analyzing data as a result of KPI standardization at the organizational level, with the possibility of KQI and CPI implementation.

With Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) ComQuality integrates existing business platforms of different manufacturers and technologies, at the same time using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the concept that enables simple and prompt integration of the existing applicative solutions, thus allowing mutual exchange of information between different platforms. By connecting platforms in this way, the user is provided with macro perspective of the system, which makes ComQuality the unique business tool in the regional market.

Additional advantage of COMBIS' integrated solution is adaptability, which means that in case the existing system contains some of the needed functionalities, it is possible to implement only those parts that are missing in the system.

After the integration of different platforms, ComQuality processes data into KPI Metabase, a system that standardizes data by predetermined and agreed parameters. KPI Metabase sends data into ComQuality portal that enables management to access desired information in one place and in due time. ComQuality gathers, processes, analyses and presents the information that is essential for the business.

ComQuality proactively monitors quality of the service or/and product, in all segments, detecting irregularities in real time. Considering that the data can be analysed from the lowest segment (cell) to the highest level, the access security is extremely important, being realized as a part of system's business logic.

ComQuality is the latest business tool in the market, which unites business and ICT expertise, providing a clear image of all causally connected events, by simultaneously monitoring and analyzing different characteristics of product and/or service. ComQuality is designed to process a large amount of data that originate from a large number of sources, simplifying the system's architecture, focusing on the customers and their influence on key indicators during a period of time, with the final aim of ensuring cost reduction and quality improvement of the entire business.


  • Hrvatski Telekom d.d. (Telecommunications provider)

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