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Business Management Solution

We believe that we all have experienced the challenges of modern ways of doing business. Annual business plans are being set up ambitiously. Company growth is expected to be higher than market growth, with continuous improvement, forecasting and timely adjustments to market and legislative alterations. Philosophy that drives everything is “faster, higher, stronger”, regardless of the market segment you are present in. Furthermore, not only it is necessary to retain the existing, but also gain new customers, and last but not the least, to have satisfied employees, and employ new ones. Those are just some of the imperatives of today's market economy.

In order for company to establish its position in the market and fulfil its business objectives, it is necessary to establish an organization that will support and upgrade business, facilitating the adjustments to all future changes. The solution that enables it is Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an integrated business solution that, by its functionalities, belongs to ERP systems category (Enterprise Resource Planning). It is indented for small and medium companies, and is equally successful in companies of all sizes – from one to hundreds of employees. It is implemented in over 60.000 companies worldwide and in Croatia in over 250 companies. NAV is exceptionally flexible solution that unites business information and provides the possibility of integrated management of business processes covering following business areas:

  • finances and accounting,
  • sales and marketing,
  • supply,
  • inventory and storage,
  • production and capacity planning,
  • resource planning and project monitoring,
  • service management,
  • human resource management. 

Especially important solution features are:

  • by its standard functionalities it satisfies most of the business needs of wide range of activities,
  • easy adjustment to specific business mode and
  • successful implementation in each company in a short period of time.

Additionally, already known Microsoft user interface greatly facilitates user's introduction into application work, requiring minimum education. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers to the user an extremely broad and powerful functionality, but it does not obligate user to use it.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV secures increased competitiveness and efficiency enabling:

  • efficient planning and business management,
  • facilitated operational work and decision making based on the set of business rules and constant information availability,
  • reduction of quantity while improving quality of internal communication in a company,
  • automation of time consuming activities,
  • reduction or elimination of the effects of physical distance (and other obstacles) on connected business activities and
  • improvement of communication with your business partners.

Usage examples

Example 1. Storage business

Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables:

  • precise storage management – the possibility of regulating special places where the specific stock is set,
    automated planning of arrangement of items in order to optimize storage and manipulation of items and
    automated recording of all storage movements or data such as batch or serial number.

Example 2. Production 

By using Microsoft Dynamics NAV in manufacture, machinery and machine groups can be defined and command the system to optimally plan working orders based on the detailed plans of production. In those kinds of systems, tasks and activities can be assigned to an extensive number of users. It is important to mention that the order of the activities is not important, the user determines it himself and the stock data is accurate at any time.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables planning, enforcement and supervision of business towards specific user's demands, regardless of the number of employees or business process complexity.

COMBIS has developed two new modules within Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution; public procurement module and the module for budget users.

Public procurement module

Public procurement module was developed within Microsoft Dynamics NAV and it is intended for the monitoring of specific business processes and transactions with the users of public procurement (who are liable to the Public Procurement Act).

This module enables the direct integration and connectivity as well as of the documentation in the process that occurs within public procurement. The module allows the organization to create a plan for purchase of goods, works and services as well as contracts and records of costs and business partners. The development and revision of plan in specified period of time is supported, the creation of contracts is enabled as well as contract monitoring at the level of items, quantities, contract and plan, provision of the cost estimations for each type of goods, for each supplier and the connection with contracts, articles, planning and implementation. The module allows tracking of business transactions in accordance with the items of the procurement plan, contracts and cost estimates, and thus enables the monitoring of the procurement plan for each individual contract and bill.

Party involved in the public procurement can now plan and systematically monitor each item in Procurement, which promotes business efficiency, and gives the user a clear picture of the current stage of implementation of the plan, the remaining budgeted levels, and thus allows easier planning in future periods.

The plan can be created, printed and displayed at the level of groups and sub-groups and classification of certain types, whether the goods, works or services are the subject, with the possibility of more detailed elaboration. As part of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Procurement module provides the cost estimations regarding the bidding documents. Cost list includes items that are procured under a certain group or noted number of procurement. Upon completion of the tender and selection of suppliers it is possible to enter the agreed price, the selected vendor contracts, and integration with the very subject matter. For each contract the card of agreement is made, which will include information about the timeframe of the contract, the link with the cost estimate , the supplier's data, as well as other essential elements of the contract.

All business functions of the solutions are fully connected and provide real value of recording for individual items in a specific business plan. This means that for each type of goods, works or services that is invoiced at any time and in any document, it is possible to know about what the plan it is attached, for which contract, what is a record number of purchases, of expense, or of supplier.

Transactional interconnection provides a full insight into any recorded event and business integration with other parts of the solution, as well as with procurement plan and therefore guarantees the quality of business reports.

Module for budget users

The module was developed for budget users in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV, for the monitoring of specific business processes and transactions for budget users and also users who generate their own income by doing various activities within the budget.  All business functions of solutions are fully connected and provide real value of recording for each classification in each business change.

Transactional association provides a full insight into any recorded event and business integration with other parts of the solution, as well as into budget, and ensures the quality of business reports.

This solution enables each budget user to develop a plan at the level of statutory classification, make revisions of the plan, and updated, accurate and rapid monitoring of the plan, or noted real value for the corresponding classifications in the business changes, as well as monitoring the relationship of planned and executed.

For reporting purposes, most budget users have correctly prescribed and predefined forms, depending on the type of report, in certain periods of time they must submit to the authorities. Most of these reports are prepared in predefined Excel tables that users generally complete manually, by copying data from other systems. In order to increase efficiency and accelerate the process of making of such statements, within the Microsoft Dynamics NAV modules for budget users, we have created the functionality to connect Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Office Excel so that the appropriate data based on predefined system settings are transferred into the appropriate fields in predefined Microsoft Office Excel table. This accelerates and facilitates the process of making such statements, and enables more accurate and safer planning for future periods. In this way it is possible to make statements on the prescribed forms.

Individual budget users generate their own income from operations in the market and market conditions that are not financed from the budget, and they want to specifically monitor such revenues and allocate them to cover the substantive financial expenditures according to certain distribution formulas, laid down rules, regulations and decisions. This solution enables users at any time to plan their own income, and monitor their implementation and have the insight and control over the spending of such funds for specific purposes.

How to choose the right solution?

With an extensive increase of the number of quality market solutions, it is very hard to find real competitive advantage of the individual solution. What makes the difference is a partner that will help you implement and maintain the solution.

Professional strength of COMBIS is our presence during the whole sales cycle, providing services of consulting, development, implementation, integration and maintenance of complete information-application–communication solutions on the turn-key basis.

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