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ComCash – Cash Management Solution

In order to ensure sufficient cash for your business, you need to purchase it from the primary source in the country (Croatian National Bank for example). Purchase of cash is expensive, as it includes costs of transport, insurance and internal handling. Indirectly, this cost also includes loss of profit from short-term loan, as such liquidity is immobilized in vaults. Therefore the money stock should be rationally managed, as efficient planning and use of money stock are prerequisites for achieving savings in the banking industry.

To meet these challenges, COMBIS is offering the ComCash – Cash Management Solution to banks.  In the narrower sense, Cash Management means material money management at Cash Points, such as ATMs, the bank's branches and vaults.

The system serves for optimal management of distribution and transportation of cash, which includes:
  • ATM servicing,
  • bank branch cash requirement forecasting and planning,
  • extraordinary cash orders (advance notice).By using the Cash Management solution, the need for cash is reduced along with the cost of transportation and human resources, which results in concrete savings for the bank.

Use of the ComCash will reduce the need for cash, as well as costs of transportation and human resources, which will result in specific savings for the bank.

An optimum amount of cash needs to be provided at every Cash Point (bank branch, ATM or vault), at minimum cost. In order to ensure such optimum amount, the average cash level at the local treasury needs to be reduced, while excluding the possibility that the Cash Point runs out of cash. This is what the prediction system is for; it will determine when and what amount of cash needs to be supplied to, or cleared from, each individual Cash Point.

The minimum cost can be achieved by reduction of the number of loadings or clearings and by optimization of the cash transport route. This is handled by the transport optimization system which will apply minor corrections to delay or accelerate transport and connect transports to adjacent Cash Points in order to reduce the transportation volume.

COMBIS will ensure the possibility of linking the prediction and optimization systems to the bank's existing IT systems, and can also deliver a data analysis and prediction and transport simulation module.

The systems employed by the bank to manage cash flows are:

Cash (balance) allocation posting
  • Front-Office systems at counters and sub-ledger applications by transaction types
  • General Ledger
  • Cash market risk application
  • Vault application: central, regional and local offices
  • The denomination structure is based on material accounting principles
  • The cash sum at the Cash Point is financially posted based on sub-ledger principle

Distribution (transaction) channel management
  • Terminal-Management systems for management of ATMs and other self-service terminals
  • Applications for advance notice of cash requirements and for transportation orders
  • Reporting systems for liquidity analysis and limit management  
  • Keeping liquidity within set limitsthe posting of clients' transactions is the source for collection of data on supply/demand dynamics

The advanced technology solution by COMBIS is based on expert rules and allows the prediction of cash requirements in real time, for each Cash Point, by denomination structure and currency, including transport optimization.

The upgrade of the bank's existing business information systems by a cash management expert system is an advanced integration combining all existing components into an expedient entity. It will provide a better overview and management of grants and reduce operating costs by:
  • Reduction of the average amount of allocated cash,
  • Reduction of the volume and costs of transport.

Benefits of the ComCash Solution:
  • The user can perform advanced methods of cash movement analysis,
  • The Solution will make a timely proposal for issuance of the transportation order,
  • It will connect and automate all actions related to grants and surplus management,
  • It will optimize costs of transportation and human resources,
  • The user will be given the option to upgrade rules and to perform system behaviour simulations when changing business rules and limits.

  • Zagrebačka banka d.d.
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