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ComBoard – Paperless Sessions

Managers spend most of their time at meetings and sessions, because those are the places to exchange valuable information required for making timely and quality business decisions. Therefore, management and control of meetings and sessions is extremely important for the Management Board of any company or state institution.

The ComBoard – Paperless Sessions application will take care of such needs and ensure exchange of information in all important business processes upon which decisions are being passed at sessions, either at a company's Management Board session or at a City Government session. Finally, the application will also provide control of execution of decisions passed, which may be one of the most important factors of successful implementation of any decision, plan or project.

Implementation of the solution will bring business organizations a range of measurable values, such as increased control and transparency of business processes, increased flexibility of the organization in terms of changes and – what is most important today – significant savings in time as a result of automation (digitalization) of routine work. In addition to providing time for dealing with other tasks, the simple use of the ComBoard application will also reduce costs of paper, delays and errors, along with a huge saving of human resources.

Moreover, ComBoard will provide easier search for documents that are now concentrated in one place, with a clearly set history of document changes and automatic keeping track of the document's processing status. It will also provide subsequent data base search by key words, i.e. decisions and conclusions. This COMBIS application will provide the possibility to insert any type of document and item and to enter notes and comments into the document. Automated receipt of documents, including electronic transfer of responsibility for a certain document or item will contribute to improved communication between departments and individuals in charge of processing, and will enable secure storage of complete documents.

The ComBoard application does not necessarily imply change of business processes; however, it will ensure a controlled, faster, safer and more efficient workflow. The application will provide a context to the document, and that is exactly what was lacking in the the traditional "paper" way session preparation. Being open and customizable is also an important feature of the ComBoard application, as we believe that applications or systems often need to be customized to the organizational structure and business processes, and not the other way round, and this way, the solution will be made closer and more acceptable.

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