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ComDesk – Service Desk

Nowadays, companies are making an effort to allow their customers rapid and simple information access, improve communication channels, promptly and efficiently respond to customer requests and resolve their problems in accordance with their gravity, i.e. urgency.

COMBIS’ applicative solution ComDesk (Service Desk) provides support to the central place of communication with customers, allowing the companies a simple overview of filed requests at one place, as well as quality and prompt monitoring of their customers incident management. ComDesk applicative solution was developed in keeping with the recommendations of ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library).

The application supports:

  • Incident Management – incident monitoring and management
  • Change Management – change monitoring and management
  • SLM (Service Level Management) – monitoring the level of service provided to internal and/or external customer
  • CMBD (Configuration Management Database) – the base of entire equipment supported by the Service Desk.

By making possible the integration of different types of customer access, by telephone, fax, e-mail, sms, web, voice mail and personal contact, customers are being approached in a way that is most acceptable to them. Apart from problem reporting, the application also provides for recording of all customer complaints, commendations and suggestions, thus building a very useful knowledge base allowing even employees with little work experience to participate in problem solving. Furthermore, during problem report processing, work orders are created, capable of being simultaneously forwarded to individual specialized executors, thus allowing a number of executors to cooperate in an attempt to solve the problem, without causing any additional strain to either the customer or the executors.

To ensure maximum efficiency with minimal time loss, the application also provides the opportunity of establishment of problem priority, shortening the response time for urgent problem reports.

ComDesk can easily be integrated with the extant information system, either as an independent application or application integrated with ComContact, integrated contact center.


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