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ComDigitalBank – The solution for managing and protection of confidential business content

Dynamic business environments demand integration of different business processes and information with all others system applications, high degree of adjustment and coordination with standards and legislation. The solution, ComDigitalBank, is based on Oracle Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology, and it is intended for banks. Namely, this system “understands” the entire life cycle of business content, applying an adequate degree of control and protection, offering additional support to the users in every phase.

ComDigitalBank is an integrated package of products and a sum of functionalities, such as managing, publishing, automation and business content protection. The system significantly contributes to the improvement of daily business enabling faster receiving and processing of requirements, simple monitoring and control through automatic document flow, and more quality, prompt and more reliable business process performance.

ComDigitalBank solution secures monitoring of the documents from the beginning that is admission, through departments, to final execution and archiving, enabling an insight into data about those documents that are in the process or have already been processed, as well as insight into work and the degree of department, manager and referent workload.

ComDigitalBank solution enables:

  • Integration of credit demands and accompanying documentation from certain credit types (for example housing credits) into unique record of the client.
  • A logic connection of documents that originate when processing credit demand (credit demand, confirmation about incomes, copies of personal documents, other documentation, evaluation of real estate value for credit insurance, processing of loan request, liquidation of credit demand and alike), also having the possibility of additional integration with other data about a client located in the bank core system.
  • Integration of the real-estate photos, which represent credit insurance, with the credit demand; review and search of the photos related to credit demand.
  • The possibility of distributing information about the processing status of any credit demand by web.
  • Scanning and indexing of the payment system documents (payment orders) for citizens and legal persons on bank counters, control of payment orders, and automatic forwarding into bank core system for payment.
  • Encompassing incoming supplier invoices, scanning and indexing, and automatic protocol of the documentation for approval, and afterwards booking.
  • Support for business process connected to the demands for paid leave, sick leave, orders for official travels etc.
  • Administrating decisions of the Management Board.
  • Grouping different types of business documents into records that compose one matter.
  • The possibility of regulating time limits of storing documents, that are set by law, by document type with automated removal of outdated content.
  • The protection of information and documents of high importance from unwanted viewing and copying.

The advantages of ComDigitalBank solution:

  • Significant reduction of manual labour through automation of documents and information collection.
  • Shortening of production cycle of all necessary documents.
  • Efficient business process management.
  • Integration of the document management system into the existing bank core system with the possibility of adjusting the system to specific customer's needs.
  • High degree of adjustment to existing infrastructure and business needs.
  • The possibility of implementation suited to each individual user (by using business practice and understanding of business processes, specific legislation and regulation).
  • The most advanced solutions and technologies that enable compliance with the current legislative and standards (domestic and global).
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Document traceability.
  • Facilitated process of audit and report preparation.
  • Prompt access to documents and data.
  • Acknowledging document from the system as equivalent to the original.

ComDigitalBank solution is based on integrated Oracle Universal Content Management platform, which guarantees that all Enterprise Content Management applications will have the possibility to be implemented on the same platform, as well as that specific possibilities of managing content will be interchangeable, complementary and expendable. Additionally, the system is integrated and functions as a part of the entire bank information system, providing the possibility for usage of the existing infrastructural resources.

Implementing ComDigitalBank solution, COMBIS enables customers to transform structural content to the internal resource of the organization itself – with Enterprise Content Management business decisions are based on correct, tested and timely information. In that way, it is possible to accomplish competitive advantage, increase efficiency, reduce business risks and accomplish the best business results.


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