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ComPort – Container Management System

The Container Management System from COMBIS is an applicative solution, designed and created according to global standards that are applied in port container business. The solution comprises several applications integrated into one system which enables port terminal operator and all the other participants in the process to simply and efficiently, through web interface and Internet, manage container business.

ComPort enables ship tracking and announcement, planning activities and necessary resources (human resources, easy and heavy machinery, warehouse space etc.), tracking and recording container arrivals and departures by trucks and ships. It enables monitoring of all the activities related to containers, as well as invoicing according to completed activities. The information about all tasks is immediately stored in a unique data base.

Thanks to the technology that is applied in production, system in the unique, completely secure way enables online communication and integration of all participants of container business (port, agents, transporters, carriers, custom, police etc.).

By using the system, the port operator has the possibility to manage all resources according to the action plan. The system is a foundation for a complete informatization of all internal processes within the port and for informatization of processes related to all the other participants in container business.


  • Port of Ploče, Inc.
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