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ComProtect - Central Information System for Consumer Protection

With an increase in market competition in almost all industries, there is an increasing need for differentiation from other companies. In an atmosphere of change and convergence to the EU norms, companies will increasingly develop in the direction of reinforced legal protection of their consumers because it will be the only way to retain their loyalty and trust.

Laws exist, but many consumers - although aware of their rights – often do not know how to achieve them. Therefore, it became necessary to introduce a controlled mechanism that would help in informing consumers and in solving their complaints.

With an idea to improve users' connectivity and awareness in a field of consumer protection,
COMBIS developed ComProtect application - Central Information System for Consumer Protection

The system supports simultaneous work of a large number of users, it is independent of user’s platform and is available via web. In addition, the system is scalable and based on open standards for data exchange and secure from outside intrusions by unauthorized users.

The system consists of three basic parts:

  • Web page for informing consumers and submission of applications and queries, with the possibility for dynamic administration and creation of the content.
  • Application for managing items (registrations and inquiries) and
  • Web-forums which will serve as a communication channel between public administration, consumers and future business community.

Web page is designed as a CMS (Content Management System) for content administration and editing. As the idea was to create a central place for collecting and resolving consumer problems, web-forum was created for mutual communication of all participants.

Application part supports on-line query submissions and registration of consumers, their reception and processing by the competent authorities and giving feedback to consumer. All collected information is used for further referencing and creating reports for the purpose of analysing situation in the field of enforcement of the Consumer protection law.

Furthermore, this system supports archiving, administration, user identification, access control and available actions, depending on the role and authority of users. Since this is an intranet web-application with central database, all actions and comments are momentarily visible in the system to all participants that have the necessary authority, which achieves maximum availability of information with minimal hardware and software requirements. End user requires only a personal computer with intranet connection and a web-browser.


  • Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Croatia


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