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ComVote - Information Support System for Shareholders' Assembly

ComVote is a web application developed by COMBIS for providing support for conducting shareholders' assembly. ComVote supports shareholders' assembly's work from the pre-registration to publishing voting results for each agenda item.

A shareholder can independently or through an assignee attend the assembly. Upon registration, a shareholder or the assignee is provided with a wireless device for voting, which is connected to the system through wired link. By voting through the wireless device, vote of every shareholder is being registered, and thanks to ComVote, voting results for each agenda item are shown instantaneously.

The system enables:

  • adding additional items on the agenda if necessary,
  • calculation of votes for each agenda item by the principle of simple and qualified majority, and
  • reporting requested by law – from the calculation of quorum, list of present shareholders to the reports of voting results for each agenda item.

The base of the system consists of relational database associated with web applications developed by the latest Java technologies. System partly consists of wireless devices that are inseparable from the whole and are used for shareholders' voting for a particular agenda item. The system supports maximum of 5.000 shareholders who can attend the assembly and vote.

Thanks to three-tier architecture, system can be configured and sized depending on the number of shareholders who will attend the meeting. Appearance of ComVote application can be adapted according to end user demands (and be in accordance with corporate identity guidelines).

As a support for conducting shareholder meetings, ComVote allows quick and efficient voting, in accordance with law. ComVote has proved itself in practice on assemblies of joint stock companies with the greatest number of shareholders in the Republic of Croatia.

References (in alphabetical order)

  • Atlantic Grupa d.d. (Retail company)
  • Hrvatski Telekom d.d. (Telecommunications provider)
  • INA – Industrija nafte d.d. (Oil & gas industry)
  • Vodoprivreda Zagreb d.d. (Construction and maintenance of water good)


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