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Solution for treasuries and portfolio management

Portfolio management is extremely important business segment of financial institutions, whether they are banks, insurance companies, investment and pension funds, brokerage firms or institutional investors. Successful portfolio management crates strong fundaments in securing clients' trust which directly affects business reputation and strength of a certain institution.

Trading with treasury products and investing, among other, require systematically monitoring and analysis of cash flow, risk assessments, profitability analysis and possibility of predicting cash inflows and outflows. Undoubtedly, knowledge, expertise and experience have irreplaceable role in securing successful portfolio management. In other words, it is indisputable that human factor makes the difference. Nevertheless, necessary prerequisite that secures the usage of financial experts' full potential is definitely the right technology

COMBIS provides technology that supports complex procedures of cash management, currency conversions, depositary placements, investments in all kinds of securities (shares, stocks, bonds, …) and derivative instruments, as well as liquidity risk management and credit and rate exposures. INSA system is a reliable advanced solution for portfolio management, whether it is necessary to manage your own or your clients' portfolio. The solution follows whole investment cycle, makes client management easier, enables business monitoring in every moment and supports decision making as well as creation of investment strategies.

By transferring to highly available and easy navigable INSA system, back office processes are significantly simplified, as well as liquidity management, which increases operative efficiency. Financial institutions have the possibility to increase the volume of transactions and, at the same time, to lower the costs of payment operations along with securing more quality service to the intern and extern clients.

High developed flexible platform integrates a large number of data which can be restructured depending upon market and regulatory alterations. System contains more than 300 reports and enables simple creation of new ones according to international regulatory standards, in several supported languages and currencies, with different characteristics, depending on their purpose.

INSA system is very practical for usage and is developed in accordance with high security standards which imply audit-log for all actions, that is, provide record of all data alterations with the type of alteration/date/time/user, as well as support to the authorisation procedures for transactions and control limit.

Extremely scalable and adaptable, INSA system provides interfaces for integration with different, already present bank systems, interbank and investment markets, domestic and international payment operations systems, ERP systems, book-keeping and business analytics.

To whom is this solution intended?

INSA system is ideal for companies that come across some of the challenges:

  • High operative costs
  • Usage of several poorly connected systems
  • Difficult adjustment to new requirements (Basel II, IAS 39)
  • Fragmented or manual processing
  • Impossibility of transactions monitoring and difficult work control
  • Endeavour of following standards and regulatory demands (GIPS/AIMR/SPPS)

Advantages of the solution in few words

Business component – business profit:

  • Cohesion of all participants and transparency of business processes
  • Reduction of operative costs
  • Automatization of processing with elimination of multiple and manual input
  • Enabled exploration of details of every transaction
  • Adjustment to standards and regulatory demands
  • Transfer of business technology and best practice
  • Assessments and forecasts for the movements on financial market
  • Support for decision making and strategic planning in due time
  • Creating of reliable investment strategies

Technological component – supported business processes and areas of functionalities:

  • Front Office: trading securities, CRM, business finance
  • Middle Office: Risk Management, Control limit, Payment authorization, Performance analysis, Automatic calculation of NAV
  • Back Office: PLP administration order, Accounting / transactions pairing, Book-keeping
  • Analysis and Reporting: Central Depository Agency, Croatian National Bank, Financial Agency
  • Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence
  • Integration with other systems: Markets (Reuters, Bloomberg), Different core banking systems, Head business analytics, Ledger, PLP systems (NKS, HSVP, SWIFT)

COMBIS offers implementation of the whole solution for portfolio management.

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