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Cloud and Big Data Solutions

Cloud computing is a new computing paradigm that treats data and applications as a service rather than as a product and this service is delivered over a network. It ensures that the data and programs are not found on one physical computer or a predefined space, but rather, that they may be located on remote servers.

In the Public Cloud, companies use the infrastructure and applications from service providers such as telecoms, and realize significant cost savings due to less need for investment in their own infrastructure.

Depending on their size or the nature of their business, companies can decide to consolidate their IT systems in the Private Cloud. Benefits are simple and fast resource management, which becomes more efficient and more flexible, while data and applications remain within the company either for security reasons or because of the specific business model.

Of course, some companies may opt for a combination of Private and Public Cloud in which they use different hybrid solutions or hybrid clouds. Combination of Private and Public Cloud brings a new level of flexibility for the companies in such a way that the less important or cost-sensitive parts of the IT infrastructure are transferred to a public cloud while the user experience remains unchanged (with a single authentication and single sign-on to all resources) and where the functionalities or DR needs for short-term high capacity is achieved through a public cloud.

Combis offers ComCloud Public Cloud solution, and the Private Cloud solutions based on Microsoft, VMware and Citrix platforms. In collaboration with HT, we are able to offer different Hybrid Cloud options.

Big Data Solutions

Big Data can mean Big Business. Development and implementation of a successful Big Data strategy is today's imperative for all who want faster, smarter and better business. Combis has developed Husky – Big Data solution!

Husky is a unique platform that enables customers to safely monetize large amount of data generated by credit card transactions, mobile banking apps, by using smart phones or any other source of Big Data.
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