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Husky - Big Data Solution

husky_brandWith the growth and development of intelligent solutions, the amount of data they generate is growing as well. Combis has developed Husky – a unique Big Data platform that enables customers to safely monetize large amount of data. Data appliance is numerous, from external monetization towards external clients by providing them with relevant data they can use to improve their business, to internal improvements achieved by smart optimization of internal resources after monitoring clients’ behaviour, technology and services they use.

For example, telecom operators start development of new 4G network infrastructure by a demanding planning process. With the use of Combis Big Data platform 'Husky', data from all the existing base stations, throughout the country, is being gathered and analysed. The system identifies those areas where there is no 4G signal present, but potential users of the 4G infrastructure are. With 'Husky' Big Data platform, network planners and marketing department get efficient tool for precise insight in present on-field situation as well as in future needs. Therefore, they can plan more efficiently and have faster ROI in the end.

Presentation of these information is very simple – in forms of heat-maps, dashboards and reports. Moreover, it is possible to monitor 'migrations' of potential customers in different time zones – daily, weekly or monthly.

Husky Big Data platform is applicable in various industries, from telecommunications sector, healthcare, retail, tourism, manufacturing industry, financial sector, public transportation, public administration and more. In other words, it is applicable for all industries where smart data analysis is being used to improve planning process and develop new business models or improve existing ones. Husky, as a high modular solution, can be used as an answer to specific demands of all the above mentioned industries, with simultaneously secured regulatory compliance requirements which are fully satisfied as Husky enables configurable user data protection according to the EU legislative.

With Husky – Big Data can really mean Big Business!
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