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Private Cloud

Solution based on Microsoft infrastructure

Private Cloud is a COMBIS solution based on Microsoft infrastructure. Although in terms of technology, it is considered to be very similar to the Public Cloud solution, there is, however, a unique set of criteria to be observed on how and when to implement the Private Cloud solution.

Most criteria will take into account the price, the Total Cost of Ownership and operating costs. Among others, the criteria for selection and implementation of Private Cloud are:

  • Less space and less hardware required
  • Lower costs for licenses and optimized licensing
  • Simpler management, monitoring and provision of resources, thus reducing operating costs
  • Simpler management of all software
  • Process automation enabled
  • Various data retrieval procedures enabled (Disaster Recovery)
  • Providing the best solution for virtualization without hypervisor costs
    Comprehensive Platform

Cross-Platform From the Metal Up

No Man is an Island and neither is a Data Center. Most often, the managed IT environment is heterogeneous, containing a wide range of operating systems, hypervisors and development toolsets. The benefits of Private Cloud solutions can be achieved without abandoning current IT investments or addition of new system layers to an already complex environment. Microsoft features an open and comprehensive approach that puts customers’ needs ahead of any individual technology.

With Microsoft Private Cloud, you can:
  • Manage multiple hypervisors (Microsoft, VMware and Citrix)
  • Run and monitor multiple operating systems
  • Drive process automation and configuration across various platforms and toolsets
  • Develop applications using multiple application toolsets

The Microsoft Private Cloud lets customers keep their current IT environment and upgrade it to a new level of flexibility and agility. Designed from scratch, it will provide for process automation and configuration via various platforms and environments. Since Microsoft Private Cloud offers comprehensive management of heterogeneous IT environments, your business needs can become and remain a priority.


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