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ComCloud - The Public Cloud Solution

Ever since the telecommunications industry has entered into its mature development phase, operators strive to find new revenue sources. At the same time, Apple, Google and other companies generate extremely high revenue based on Internet technologies. This is the reason why, throughout the last couple of years, telecom operators are changing the focus of their business strategies to IT services and products.

Nowadays, Cloud is considered to be the backbone of such strategies, as it will provide a whole range of IT services and products that telecommunications companies may have in their portfolio. Now, even though available Cloud solutions are the talk of the town these days, only a very small number of comprehensive Cloud solutions coming along with required expertise, can be spotted on the market. Facing such challenges, COMBIS has developed a ComCloud solution for its reference customer.


ComCloud is a comprehensive cloud solution which, as defined by NIST1, contains components such as real-time billing interface, fully automated provisioning system, self-service portal, automated run-book procedures for improved IT efficiency etc.


ComCloud is a product fully designed under observation of cloud computing principles, focusing on the virtual desktop or, respectively, on the Desktop as a Service (DaaS). It aims to enable operators to develop Apple AppStore or Android market online concepts for business customers, including virtual desktops and servers as basic IT infrastructure.

ComCloud: The DaaS solution is simple: offer any service on any device using any network. COMBIS is able to provision the ComCloud DaaS solution in an absolutely secure manner: using any network such as public Internet, ADSL or 3G network, to devices such as tablets, smartphones, thin clients and personal computers on Linux, Windows or MacOS operating systems. The service also includes an integrated and comprehensive offering of applications by various vendors, as well as various upgrades such as Hybrid Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud or DaaS for residential customers.

Reference customer

Our reference customer and business partner for the ComCloud solution is T-Hrvatski Telekom, member of the Deutsche Telekom Group. Together with T-HT we offer our customers a full solution package: technical, marketing & sales support and Cloud-related business consulting.

1National Institute of Standards and Technology,

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