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FoIP - Fax over IP network

Modern companies want to work flexibly, with minimal costs. Flexible and multifunctional IP networks, which serve for data, speech and image transmission, are key players in achieving these goals.

The biggest advantage of using a communication network is reducing business costs, along with the additional advanced possibilities that IP networks offer.
One of possible functions of modern IP networks is fax messages transmission. 
Fax messages transmission over IP network increases productivity for 90% in comparison with traditional fax machines:

  • Time saving - no waiting/controlling, by the fax machine, for the end of message transmission
  • Telephone costs reduction - faxing inside the company is free, and the number of needed fax lines decreases significantly
  • Maintenance costs reduction - traditional fax machines become unnecessary
  • Reduction of consumable supplies costs - paper and toner for fax machine are unnecessary 
  • Employee saving - no person is needed to deliver fax messages 

Today's average company (cca 300 employees) spends between 16.000 and 20.000 EUR per year on fax paper! Along with financial saving, it is important to mention the ecological side of the solution - reducing paper, environment is being preserved. Additional advantages of the solution are:

  • Security - receiver directly gets the fax message (into the mailbox)
  • Connection with applications, which use IP technology, in the user's business system
  • Archive - fax server can serve as an automatic system for archiving received and sent fax messages  


Solution for fax message transmission over IP network that we offer is based on XMediusFAX fax server of the Interstar company and CISCO VOIP router. Solution offers a number of advantages, it's modular and it is easily integrated into communication network of a modern company. Our turnkey system enables transmission of fax messages directly to every user, in real-time. Users send and receive fax messages directly from their PC, having fax transmission status messages available in every moment. Advantages of our technical solution are: 

  • Scalability - possibility of increasing capacity without the need to purchase new hardware
  • Modularity - different service components can be placed on several servers
  • Automation - possibility of automatic fax messages flow
  • In order for fax message to reach the client, it needs to go through telephone network over VoIP router to the fax server.

From the fax server, fax message is being sent as e-mail over to the end-user.
In relation to the company's needs, we offer connecting to BRI or PRI interface of the telephone system, and fax systems with 2 to 120 fax channels. XMediusFax and Cisco solution is a choice of Fortune 500 companies, state and financial institutions.
Main functionalities of COMBIS FoIP solution

Main functions

  • Up to 120 simultaneous fax channels per server
  • Very scalable server's infrastructure 

E-mail gateways

  • Lotus Domino/Notes
  • MS Exchange/Outlook 5.5, 2000
  • SMTP/POP3 (ITU T.37 FoIP)
  • SAP R/3 (BC-CON) 

Faxing from standard applications

  • Microsoft Office, WordPerfect Suite and Lotus SmartSuite
  • HTML, RTF and PDF documents
  • Notes forms 

Options for increasing reliability and security

  • Automatic fax archiving
  • Billing codes  
  • Limitation of calls
  • Informing, erasing and printing 

Administrative options 

  • Active Directory / Exchange integration with MMC tools
  • Fax administration on Lotus Notes
  • Automatic synchronization of users with Notes, Exchange and LDAP directories
  • Remote maintenance and automated administration
  • Graphic monitor for fax channels and transaction logs 

Options for increased productivity

  • Timely defined or immediate fax messages transmission 
  • Access to Outlook, Notes or ODBC contacts
  • Fax broadcast, drag + drop sending
  • Advanced address book
  • Forms from Outlook and Notes enable users to choose the homepage for fax and change fax parameters 

Support for fax clients

  • Notes + Outlook (with or without special forms and integrated SendFax client)
  • SendFax independent application for composing and sending fax messages 
  • Fax Manager application
  • Homepage editor 
  • Address book
  • Print-to-e-mail driver 
  • Web interface for faxing 
  • Multifunction printers for scan-to-mail or T.37 option
  • Any mail client over SMTP 

For additional information, please contact us on: 
Tel.: + 385 1 3659 363
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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