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IP Contact Center


  • Reduction of maintenance costs - due to the unique IP network, centralized system administration, reducing number of employees employed in maintenance department.
  • Agent territorial deployment - agents can be on different locations connected into virtual contact center over the IP network (branch offices, work at home).
  • Significant scalability - simplicity in adding new locations, system extension, etc.
    System openness - the use of communication protocols, standard in the IT world.
  • No lost call - each call is being served, either by an agent, speaking machine or the client is called by the first free agent.


IP Contact Center (IPCC) represents a new generation of solutions in the field of processing customer's requests. Integrating speech and data technologies, IPCC unites different types of client's access: speech (through telephone network), web, e-mail, SMS and fax access.

Using multiservice IP network, it is possible to improve existing, while also developing new services and applications. Besides, it is possible to personalize service based on data and history of contacts for every single client. Through unique interface, client comes into contact with the agent or the data that are accessible on the self-service principle.

Such a simple access ensures customer's satisfaction, with the agent's production growth, at the same time.

Customer's satisfaction

End-user is primarily interested in the quality of experience using contact center. The very unique network will make this experience better.


Clients will be able to contact much faster best available resources, which respond to customer's requests.

Client's transfer from the interaction with the speaking machine to the contact with an agent, doesn't require any additional effort, since all client's data are automatically processed to the chosen agent, no matter where the agent is located - in the different city, state or continent.

Customers have the possibility of accessing company's contact center through the dominant communication channels: by telephone call, sending fax messages, SMS messages, e-mail messages and accessing through company's web site. Every access choice offers access to an optimal resource.

Possibility of directing contacts

Intelligent system's logic - serves for distribution of received contacts toward the most appropriate available resource. All information collected from the client, before directing to the free resource, are being saved, thus avoiding the need for repeated input after the redistribution. It is possible to redirect contacts toward another agent, group of agents, another location, or interactive speaking machine.

  • Directing according to client's profile - according to client's profile, optimal resources for contact directing (agent, speaking machine) are being defined.
  • Web Collaboration - allows agents an instant response to the questions asked over the web site, as well as providing help to the clients through the simultaneous speaking telephone and visual (web) communication.
  • E-mail Manager - categorizes and defines priorities of the user's e-mail messages, and directs e-mail messages to the right agent or group of agents and/or sends automated response.
  • Outbound option - campaigns of the automated contacting of the user (over telephone, through e-mail, SMS messages) during sales promotions, surveys, and so on.

Possibilities of agents

  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) option - achieves connection and integration of business applications with the system of the IP Contact Center.
  • Unique contacts queue - at the same time, agent has on hold contacts that approach him through different communication channels (call, e-mail, chat) , with whom agents can work simultaneously, thus increasing the productivity.
  • Remote Agent support - dislocated agents work with exactly the same possibilities, as well as agents on the central location of the contact center.

Serving calls

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) integration - all calls are served over the integrated system of the interactive speaking machine, collecting necessary information from the user, directing them to the optimal resource, increasing the time of the agent's availability.

Management and supervision possibilities

  • Supervisor - supervisor can supervise and control the agents, send textual messages, unperceivable wiretap and record contacts, participate and take over user calls.
  • Administration - centralized administration enables simple managing of the resources of the whole system (directing contacts, performance supervision, reporting and system security).
  • Reporting - there are vast possibilities, from real-time reporting, to contact history access.

System characteristics

  • Industry-standard solution - IP contact center supports standardized open-system standards, such as Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Java, Active X, and integration with the existing contact center solutions and applications.
  • Scalability - modular system architecture, possibilities of the implementation of single parts according to user's needs.
  • Security - IP contact center solution completely fulfills all prerequisites of the system protection.

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