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Lawful Intercept Solutions

Interception of voice and data communications is a lawful obligation of telecommunications service providers, but demand for lawful intercept solutions is generated by a number of key industry stakeholders: government regulators, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and communications service providers. COMBIS possesses expertise and understanding of numerous and at the same time unique challenges that every of the interested sides in a lawful interception face.

COMBIS, in cooperation with SS8 Networks which is recognized across the telecommunications industry for delivering regulatory compliant surveillance solutions, offers optimal solutions for lawful interception. Solution was developed in telecommunications development environment that is implemented in hundreds of systems all over the world. Wide and faithful group of users was won with the following possibilities:

  • Providing mediation capabilities in broadband, wireless, circuit-switched, VoIP and IMS networks
  • Easy scaling through software licensing
  • Securing evidence via sophisticated user-access privileges and tamper-proof audit trails
  • Offering complete system redundancy
  • Managing multiple content processing engines that handle the increased traffic load associated with VoIP RTP and broadband IP traffic intercepts
  • Featuring graphical user interface capabilities for simplified warrant provisioning

Lawful interception in Broadband IP Networks

The explosion of Internet-based technologies has revolutionized inter-personal communication. Across the world, Governments are mandating, and Law Enforcement Agencies demanding that service providers provide PSTN-like lawful intercept capabilities in these IP networks. Through inovative solutions from SS8 Networks, COMBIS can enable broadband Internet service providers to provide lawful intercept capabilities for commonly used Internet applications such as: email, IM (Instant Messaging), telephony, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and web-browsing. The Xcipio mediation platform interfaces with a range of edge routers, ensuring that IP traffic can be intercepted in active broadband networks.

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