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Structured Cabling

Development of ICT results in increasingly complex demands while addressing user communication demands. A growing number of users, different protocols and technologies, and multimedia applications that require greater bandwidth, are conditioning networks’ bandwidths.

The goal of meeting the growing demands the users, sets the conditions for reducing the risk of mistakes and failure of network systems, and rapid correction of potential problems. To achieve the required conditions, one of the most important prerequisites is the construction of high-quality, high performance network infrastructure, independent of technological development and changes in products and applications that require greater additional financial investment.

Using structured cabling reduces the possibility of errors in the most sensitive part of the network, the cable infrastructure.  COMBIS offers a complete range of passive network infrastructure solutions and expert technical advice that includes comprehensive service, from the design of the entire network to the implementation. Solutions meet the highest standards of reliability and are made of the highest quality materials. The quality of implementation is assured by the certified experts in COMBIS.

Structured cabling is the installation of multiple-purpose system, implemented as a single system or as multiple subsystems in one or more buildings, with the ability to be connected together. Structured cabling should provide a sufficient number of ports of multiple purposes, which is determined by the user according to their current needs.

COMBIS is the best choice for structured cabling because:
  • standardized  construction of network infrastructure
  • unification and integration of the entire network
  • provide a guarantee of quality: high quality equipment and services

Optimal construction costs, investment protection, low maintenance and long warranty are just some of the benefits of investments in structured cabling. In addition to communications and information services, structured cabling is used for all other services such as security systems, lighting, air conditioning, heating, video systems, audio systems, etc.

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