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VoIP - Voice over IP network

Using unique network infrastructure, for transmission of all modes of communication (data/voice/video), carries a number of advantages in relation to separate network used for data transmission (PC network) and speech (telephone network).

There are two designs at introducing VoIP solution, which depend on whether user wants to keep the existing telephone infrastructure. If the existing infrastructure stays the same (classic PBX telephony), there is a standard VoIP solution in which the packaging of speech into IP packages is done over the routers, connected with PBX systems.

The main savings factor with this design is the elimination of call costs inside the organization (everything goes over IP network).

Cisco IP telephony solution is applied in case of implementation of new telephony on the location, or exchange of old systems. Cisco solution fully takes advantage of IP network, removing from design all elements of classical telephony, so the speech packaging is being done in the IP telephone device. Main advantage of this solution is cost reduction.

Several main saving factors are:

  • Elimination of costs of PBX equipment (purchase of new PBX systems, cards)
  • Elimination of costs of PBX equipment maintenance
  • Reducing costs of calls outside the organization
  • Reducing costs of maintaining telephone network (since the data and telephone network are integrated into one, there is no need for two maintenance teams)
  • Web-based centralized administration (reduced need for on-site administration, thus reducing travel costs of IT department staff)

Basic Cisco solution consists of 3 elements:

  • The first element is a server that has implemented software telephone system - Call Manager. The entire solution functions on a unique data IP network, which gives the possibility of implementing additional applications that can increase employees' productivity, as well as the possibility of integrating telephone devices with business applications and processes.
  • The second element of the solution are Cisco IP Phone devices, that have the whole functionality of classic telephone instrument, with the possibility of the integration with business applications and processes.
  • The third element are the routers, which serve as access point (exits) toward standard telephone network (service provider).

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