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Wireless networks

Wireless technology that we work with in COMBIS is based on the newest Cisco products, such as Access Points, Bridges, and client cards, which support current standards and insure compatibility with future ones. Implementation is being executed in two main segments, on LAN internal network, and connecting locations up to 40 kilometers of airline distance. 
COMBIS works with Cisco wireless equipment that has the following characteristics:

  • Very simple access to network resources, providing higher mobility and employees' productivity, with reduced costs of network equipment maintenance.
  • It works on unlicensed frequencies, therefore, there is no need to pay frequency bandwidth.
  • It uses the newest 802.11g standard that enables data transmission speed up to 54Mbit/s.
  • Safe data transmission inside the wireless network.

Possibilities of implementing wireless solution

  • Installation of Access Points with enabled antennas of different strength and direction of a signal's spread
  • Re-establishment of the wireless connection between clients and Access Points, with the authentication of the RADIUS servers for which we use Cisco ACS application installed on server's platform
  • Tracking the quantity of wireless traffics by user (billing)
  • Testing more security levels: WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), LEAP (Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol), EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol), as well as the newest 802.1x security protocol
  • Testing and implementation of the newest security features in the wireless technology, such as TKIP and MIC encrypt data that serve as additional security rings around the existing wireless installation
  • Implementation of Bridge devices on locations that demanded wireless connection, and distances were too long for signal cover-up with Access Points 
  • Implementation of the Workgroup bridge devices that connect to Access Point.
  • Bridge devices are installed because of the needed additional bandwidth for a number of users on certain wireless segment of the network 

For additional information, please contact us on:
Tel.: + 385 1 3659 363
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