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Business Intelligence

Managing people, business planning and decision making are preconditions for successful business. Access to the right information, at the right time, contributes to the optimization of time and human resources, enabling focus on quality and timely business solutions. Many different organizations have mutual needs for handling right information in the right place at the right time. All this is possible with Business Intelligence system (BI).

If we devide decisions on those that require processing in order to get their final form and on those that are based on the previously made decisions and considerations, then it is important for the organisation to transfer those decisions to applications in an information system. Then the level of knowledge of the whole organization is growing, making the grounds for further development, providing people with sufficient time for making non standard decisions or the decisions for the first time.

One of the advantages that BI system offers is automatisation and forwarding of some standard operative decisions to the computer system, providing the employees with more free time for other business assignments. These procedures are predefined and are transparent and always available throughout the organization.

Development of such system inevitably leads to the development of other similar systems with different purposes, leaving more and more time and resources for managing core business.

Presentation of the results of COMBIS BI solution depends upon the needs of the user, whether it is an expert system, analytical system, system based on knowledge or just warehouse reporting system. COMBIS perspective on BI is based exclusively on the user's needs and the result is optimal solution for the specific needs of a user – solution that is reliable in every moment during the whole life cycle of the system. 

Unless there is already an adequate information solution that only needs to be upgraded by sophisticated management of rules, COMBIS additionally offers integration of the new tool RuleEdit, the solution that will promptly, easily and unambiguously secure the effective knowledge management.

Additionally, the development of the analytical system by using SAS technology will give a unique and complete base for development of many solutions that are necessary for better functioning of many segments of the organization.

By integrating, for example, Rule Edit and SAS, it is possible, in a very simple way, to control the knowledge and influence the results of the analysis and predictions.

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