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For the needs of big users who spend a large part of their resources on maintenance of their private heterogeneous information infrastructure, and who are planning to make a redesign of their own application functionality, COMBIS offers the system of portalisation, meaning the migration of applications in portal surroundings.

Successful companies today wish to provide their users and employees with access to information in attractive, fast and simple way. Portalisation enables the gathering of information from different sources located within corporation surroundings or external world. Processing and presenting information takes place in highly efficient working environment that enables adding new functions within compact and simple reading interface.

COMBIS can currently implement the best portal solution, compatible with the existing technological standards and interoperable with all relevant IT platforms, enabling the distribution of applications in smaller, multilayer usable segments. They achieve functionality of the original application by their mutual interaction. Also, unique and simple work registration to all applications provides personalised approach to the information, applications, processes and co-workers.

Furthermore, COMBIS is able to redesign the applications in order to engage in portal surroundings, and by that, maximally use all of the advantages of the new surroundings. COMBIS also provides all other services necessary for successful implementation, such as installation and configuration of the portal and integration in the existing informatics surroundings.

Companies frequently recognise the process of portalisation as the ideal solution for cost reduction in order to centralize the administration of all applications, reduce hardware demands and reduce costs of developing applications.

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