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Testing is the examination of a product or a service in order to obtain objective information about its quality. On the business side, testing enables risk assessment in the implementation of the software solutions. There are different techniques to product testing:

By testing we check:

  • Does the product meet the conditions defined in technical requirements,
  • Does it work according to user’s expectation,
  • Is the product ready for implementation (production).

During the project, several levels of testing are executed:

  • Unit testing – testing of software units, mainly carried out by developers to check the behaviour of software in borderline cases. It checks whether the components of the final product work by themselves.
  • Integration testing - testing the interfaces between the software components.
  • System Testing - Testing of the finished system.
  • System Integration Testing - verification of the system integration toward 3rd party systems.
  • Regression testing – testing the basic functionalities of the new version of the system - after fixing of errors and introduction of new functionalities.
  • Re-test - Checking of corrections in new versions of the system.
  • User Acceptance Testing - testing implemented by the users to verify whether the delivered product meets their needs and whether the quality is at sufficient level for production.

In COMBIS we prepare a separate testing plan for each project. The plan defines the scope, objective, methodology, tools and exit criteria for testing, depending on the expected duration, budget, complexity of the project and identified risks.

The team for testing must perform functional system testing, manually and automatically if needed (in case of longer and more complex projects), which tests whether the system meets the defined user requirements. Testing is done on a separate testing  platform (it cannot be run on the platforms for development or production) that can be implemented in COMBIS or on location. Only after this test proves satisfactory level of quality system - the system can be delivered to users for further testing.

If necessary, other types of testing can be performed, such as performance testing, stress test, security testing, etc.

COMBIS can provide service and support for User Acceptance Testing on request.

COMBIS testing team consists of professionals certified for software testing, with years of experience in testing of business systems, particularly in the banking and telecommunications sectors.

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