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Computing Equipment

COMBIS offers a wide range of client equipment, desktops, laptops, tablets and thin clients.

Given the evolution of modern communications solutions, IT solutions and technology, more and more business users choose thin clients and mobile devices instead of standard personal computers. It is anticipated that in the next few years standard desktop computers will be replaced by thin clients and mobile devices such as tablets. This change was prompted by the development of faster and more advance hardware technology in thinner and lighter casings, and at the same time, the development of software solutions that are less demanding for infrastructure and do not consume a lot of local resources (in terms of memory and CPU power).

  • Desktop computers can be divided into office computers and workstations. Traditional desktop computers are designed for everyday work with less demanding applications, and they can be found in almost every company as a primary means of operation. Besides these standard office computers, there are workstations. Workstations are intended for demanding users in various industries, graphics, video, and other manufacturing processes.
  • Laptops now occupy the largest market share in client equipment and are the primary choice when selecting a new computer. They are divided into segments for private and business customers.  Laptops for business customers are characterized by robust design and are intended for frequent daily use. Laptops have connections to the docking station which is the simplest way to connect other peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, and additional monitors, converting laptops to business computers, suitable in all situations. Precisely because of this flexibility and mobility, laptops are squeezing out the personal computers from business usage.
  • Tablets are characterized by high mobility and convenience, and one can say that are becoming a real substitute for pen and paper.  Fast development of new and complex business applications for this type of computer ensures their wide application in the business world as a replacement for laptops.
  • Thin clients - When using virtualization technologies, the cost of resources burden the server side of the system, which enables thin clients to have modest features, and thus significantly reduces their costs. This is why they are becoming a more common choice for substitution of standard desktop computers.

Combis offers: Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo
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