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COMBIS has a wide range of printers with different functionalities, print capacities and a range of services for print management (such as ComPrint - Printing as a service, infrastructure management and standard outsourcing).

COMBIS offers inkjet, laser, matrix and multifunction printers from various manufacturers.

COMBIS specialists can help choose the optimal hardware solution for each user in order to achieve cost savings and increased efficiency. Companies spend significant funds for printing costs annually, but with selecting the right hardware and printer management solution, it is possible to reduce operating costs by up to 30 percent.

What COMBIS does:

  • Assessing the current status and advising the selection the printers and optimal control systems
  • Supply of equipment
  • Installation of devices
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Implementation of adequate management systems
  • Supply of consumables

For large users, use of larger laser printers and MFU devices is recommended. They have a higher price but better performance. Initial investment is higher; however, exploitation costs (TCO) are reduced. For SMB customers, the use of smaller laser printers and small MFU devices is a better solution, while home users are advised to use inkjet printers and small lasers.

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