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COMBIS offers a wide range of servers of all categories. Servers can be divided into the tower, rack and blade servers.

  • Tower servers are designed for smaller companies with fewer employees, and are therefore characterized by low cost and simplicity.
  • Rack servers are designed for medium and larger companies where there is a need for multiple servers. Its design allows placement of a large number of servers in a tiny space, which is their main advantage. Today's rack servers are characterized by a large number of memory slots, space for drives and expansion slots. This increases their scalability and easy expandability, which results in a lower cost upgrades and longer life cycle of each server.
  • Blade servers are designed for enterprises that have a need for a large number of servers in a small space. The basic design of the blade server differs from server rack by sharing common resources such as power and cooling. Due to this design, blade servers have a higher density and therefore a large number of these servers fit in a small space. With this, one achieves significant savings in the field of electricity, cooling and space itself.

The new generation of servers responds to the needs of virtualization; the need for a large number of memory slots, more powerful processors and large number of network connections influence their the design. Because of the demands for maximum savings and a greater utilization, servers have such features as low power consumption, scalability and flexibility, easy upgrades and a long life cycle.

Combis offers: IBM, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, EMC

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