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Storage systems

Growth of data that has been noted in recent years, along with the increase of complexity and costs, makes management of data infrastructure all the more challenging.

Disk systems are designed to store and use data. They enable centralized data storage, thus increasing the flexibility in data manipulation and data security, and they facilitate the transformation of "raw" data into useful information by making the data easier to use and manage. While each industry is unique in many aspects, almost all businesses require high reliability and availability of disk systems and data storage infrastructure.

COMBIS provides a complete solution for the IT environment. With hardware and software from world’s leading vendors, along with excellent service from certified professionals, COMBIS tailors solutions to best fit your business needs. Comprehensive storage solutions ensure that your information will be promptly available and safely stored.

The technological focus of data storage systems has shifted in the direction of technologies that optimize and increase the efficiency of the system, such as tiering, thin provisioning, deduplication and virtualization.

Optimal sizing and selection of data storage ensures:

  • Security through data protection, high availability and disaster recovery
  • Reduced TCO and faster return and protection of investment
  • Reduced cost of staff - a modern disk systems requires a minimum expenditure of time for administration and maintenance
  • Adequate performance for users
  • The ability to quickly adapt to changes in the business and IT environment
  • Realizing the full potential of consolidated storage environments, along with maximum disk space utilization and scalability for future expansion

Combis offers: IBM, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, EMC, NetApp

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