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Data Storage Systems Management

Data storage systems represent an essential element of modern ICT infrastructure. Those systems are used for storing data bases that are the key factor for business existence, as well as for those business situations which demand high level of reliability and availability. Data archiving is becoming one of the most important tasks in ICT infrastructure maintenance, not only because of the importance of data protection, but also because of law regulations. Since the storage and data archiving systems are very complex, an extensive knowledge in necessary for proper dimensioning and valuation of present and future needs.

COMBIS has certificated and skilled experts that are able to provide high quality services of data storage systems management. Those services include:


  • Providing help in selection process of the new equipment – COMBIS closely cooperates with the customer in shaping demands and dimensioning equipment, at the same time offering services from creating project assignment, through defining equipment manufacturer and proper dimensioning, to the equipment supply.
  • Installation of the equipment at the customer's location – COMBIS employs experts that can perform installation of all kinds of data storage and archiving systems, as well as other devices and equipment that are necessary for implementation and successful project performance.
  • Technical support – Systems for data storage are one of the crucial parts of ICT system, therefore any malfunction has to be removed in shortest time period. Standard guarantee conditions are often not sufficient. COMBIS provides services of all types of maintenance, technical, system and applicative. Model of maintenance is defined in cooperation with the customer, after which mutual obligations are simultaneously defined.
  • Monitoring the life cycle of the equipment – The enlargement of infrastructure usage can be accomplished either by complete systems replacement or by upgrading the existing systems. COMBIS provides advisory, technical and implementation support. After equipments' life cycle passes, COMBIS provides services of transformation and equipment disposal on proper landfills.


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