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Personal Computer Management

COMBIS devotes special attention to the controlling of the environment of desktop and laptop computers. In the Croatian market, this segment of ICT contains highest demands and needs for outsourcing.

The reasons for that are following:

  • Personal computers hold a great amount of basic assets that company should take care of,
  • The equipment has different characteristics, and it is submissive to frequent technological and economic changes,
  • Due to the large number of units, the support of this kind of system is rather complex and includes many different  types of demands,
  • The support is somewhat difficult because of significant spatial distribution of equipment by different company's operational units,
  • This part of information system is directly connected to the end users, adding human factor in the whole system,
  • This part of information system often presents interface of the organisation and the outer world, that is, users, suppliers and other business partners and, as such, it has to be reliable, available and adaptable.

Integration of COMBIS' services, technical and systems support result in a comprehensive solution for personal computers surrounding management. COMBIS takes care of the systems whole life cycle, including:

  • planning and ordering equipment,
  • delivery and installation of the new equipment,
  • changing components of the existing,
  • maintenance of the equipment in the requested availability framework,
  • remote monitoring and administration,
  • equipment disposal

COMBIS has extensive experience, quality resources, developed logistics and operative for controlling the personal computer surroundings. COMBIS solution is directed to business activities, high quality level of the service and expense control and expense reduction of the personal computers usage.

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