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Network Protection

Considering the openness and availability of the Internet, it is the most dangerous territory for business systems to operate on. Therefore, security is one of the most important tasks for every network - to ensure protection and defense from the Internet attacks, and at the same time, to insure freedom in business communication as well. However, network attacks do not happen only from the outside (Internet), but also from the inside.

COMBIS is completely aware of all security challenges and pays great attention to security solutions, design and application. COMBIS offers design, construction and services of maintenance of security level of IT networks, respecting client's security policy. We use a wide range of Cisco security products, including hardware, software and design (Cisco SAFE blueprint).

SAFE blueprint defines security solutions that need to be applied in the user's network, using modules that simplify security design. Advantages of this design (multi-level model) make it possible that in case one of the parts of the security system starts falling out, the functionality of the rest of the system stays untouched. Every module can include one or more of the market leading Cisco products, such as firewall, intrusion detection system, control of access of devices and end users, anti-virus technology, data encryption, data tunneling and VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Security solutions

Security solutions, which we offer, are easily integrated into the existing infrastructure, achieving increased productivity and faster ROI (Return On Investment).

  • Following constant technology progress, we offer implementation of the newest technologies (Self-defending network) in achieving integrated solution of security system. The basis of self-defending networks is integrated security - security that is a part of all individual organizations. Each device in the network, from desktops, LAN, over WAN, plays suitable part in network security, over global distributed protection. Important characteristic is that continuous development of this vision includes integrating advantages from other security vendors.

Defense system of the self-defending network will identify threat, react depending on the degree of threat, isolate infected servers or end-users, and then reconfigure network resources to respond to attacks. Components of this system are Secure Connectivity, Threat Defense and Trust and Identity Management. Each of these components incorporates more different technologies that are implemented on Cisco devices, in order to achieve high degree of security and dynamic system protection. We will mention several most important: encryptions (3DES, AES), access control (802.1x), dynamic protection of the system (Intrusion Detection System - IDS), and others.


Most attacks today are hidden in the traffic that is presented as legal (mail messages, www traffic, etc.), using ignorance of authorized users, in order to attack information system.

As with the other IT business systems in the world, the biggest threat to business system is the cessation of the operations, due to the intentional or unintentional data overload (Denial of Service - DoS attacks), virus attacks or some other problem that prevents normal network communication, thus causing cessation of the operations of the whole system.

Security system

In order to prevent attacks, it is necessary to protect the network with the dynamic security system that is capable to detect and protect business system, reacting to the threat. IDS system enables defense of the business system right after threat detection, without waiting for the administrator's reaction.

  • Cisco, as the leading producer of the network equipment for the Internet, and COMBIS as its partner, is the ideal solution in providing companies help with design and implementation of the security system.

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