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ComExchange – self-service (currency) exchange device

Along with the development of more sophisticated solutions for financial institutions, we are continually working on improving our self-service devices offer. Get acquainted with ComExchange - an ATM machine that is also a currency exchange device, since it is intended for automated exchange of foreign currency banknotes in Croatian Kuna.

ComExchange key benefits

  • Offers clients exchange of foreign currencies in different value denominations – 120 different currencies and values - EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, RUB, JPY…
  • ComExchange can work as a standard ATM with the use of bank card
  • Reliably detects counterfeit and suspicious banknotes
  • Promptly recognizes new versions and issues of all banknotes
  • High capacity of payment modules allows longer work without check-ins; Acceptance up to 6.000 banknotes / Pay-out up to 13.500 banknotes and 3.500 coins
  • CIT company or person responsible for maintenance, access to the front or back side of the device (“Lobby” or “TTW”)
  • Possible choice of CEN safes with different degrees of anti-theft security

Learn about two models of ComExchange devices:

ComExchange 760 – device for a “trough wall” installation (“TTW”) with 24-hour availability. Operators or servicers access device from the back side.

ComExchange 720 – self-standing device intended for installation in a closed space (“Lobby”). Operators or servicers access device from the front side.

Benefits for device owners

  •   Multipurpose solution
One device enables exchange and ATM transactions. Supports possibility of exchange rate and provision adjustment depending on the device’s location.
  • High reliability and device capacity
ATM modules and their capacity enables reliable work with no need for often check-ups due to maintenance or charges/discharges.
  •   Lower business costs
The device does not require high investment in space protection and can be obtained through multiple forms of ownership - through the purchase of equipment, rent, shared revenue...

Benefits for users

  •   Always available service!
Clients are no longer dependant of exchange office business hours. Service availability increases by device placement on locations with high traffic such as bus and train stations, airports, ship ports, etc.
  • Fast and simple handling
Clients are used to ATM interface, they recognize it and use it easily. Big surface screen and high readability make use of the device even simpler.
  • Adjusted ComExchange interface
Interface with multilingual menus, support for animated / sound directions and client navigation with light indicators ensure intuitive transaction completion.

With ComExchange life is simpler!

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