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ComKiosk – a complete Combis Info-Kiosk solution

Nowadays, users of banking services can truly choose how to make financial transactions. Thus, some clients opt for mobile and internet banking, while others, who may not own smartphones or, for any reason whatsoever, do not wish to use mobile or internet banking, demand an alternative way to conduct cashless transactions outside branch offices or their opening hours.

One of the standard ways to cope with such requests is to use a device better known as „Info-Kiosk“. However, despite the relatively simple requirements that are met quite well by such devices in general use, the previous practice of their use in the banking environment disclosed some substantial deficiencies. For this reason exactly, Combis, led by specific requirements and challenges, engaged in their own development of a comprehensive hardware and software solution which will meet all requirements at an acceptable price. This is how ComKiosk came into existence – a complete “Info-Kiosk” solution developed to meet all kinds of user requirements, but also customized for the use in banking environment. The criteria resulting from the specific requirements of customer-facing banking operations generally fall into the following categories:

  • high demands on the security aspect of the device's operation
  • need for reading and printout of an increased number of paper documents
  • modular design for simple alterations in device’s configuration
  • need for more frequent and selective modification of applications and data
  • possibility of remote monitoring and management of the unit's operation


Some of these requirements are certainly applicable also outside the banking environment. The ComKiosk was developed for the very purpose of meeting the a.m. criteria in a satisfactory manner, at an acceptable price.

Therefore, ComKiosk is complying with the high technical, performance and security standards, but the added value of this unique device is something that cannot be expressed by mere enumeration of technical specifications. Namely, such value results from Combis' long-standing experience in operation and maintenance of self-service devices and understanding of specific user requirements exactly in this field of applications.

Due to Combis' extensive experience and deep understanding of the users' needs, the ComKiosk, by its features, stands out prominently among similar dedicated devices and remains unrivalled if we check out any of its key requirements (security and privacy protection, modular design, remote monitoring, document printout... etc.)

Security and Privacy Protection

Already in the design of the device's shape, special attention was paid to protection of the user's privacy. The unit's elevated side plates and slightly slanted positioning of the screen will protect the user from unwanted side glances and provide protection during input or display of sensitive data. Additional protection is available by use of the so-called „Privacy“ screen that will practically prevent the screen's legibility outside the user's visual angle. ComKiosk also complies with all other security requirements as prescribed by the „PCI – Payment Card Industry“ organization; it features a special Encrypted PIN Pad (EPP) supporting TDES encryption and Remote Key Load (RKL) function. The card reader is EMV V4.x Level 1 certified; in addition to chip reading (smart-card), reading of ISO 1/2/3 magnetic tracks is supported.

Paper Document Printout and Processing
In addition to the standard requirement for document printing on 80 mm wide thermal paper mostly used for valued coupons or vouchers, ComKiosk also supports input processing or printout of a larger quantity of various paper documents. This way payment of bar-coded (1D/2D) or plain preprinted bills can be effected, as well as fast printout of A4 documents or forms by use of a laser printer.

Modular Design
Thanks to its modular design, ComKiosk can meet all kinds of requirements. For instance, if its use does not require observance of high security standards, then less complex and more affordable modules may be used instead of more complex and cost-intensive ones. The option to be replaced or customized is available for other modules as well, the ones that are not related to security requirements, such as printer or scanner integration. Thanks to its own development and production, Combis is able to promptly customize every device in line with the customer's requirements!

Software Support
ComKiosk employs the standard software architecture based on MS Windows OS and .NET application environment. This platform ensures fast development and a high compatibility level of applications with all data sources, including the possibility to use independent („3rd party“) web applications. The software's application part is separated from direct management of the individual modules, thus avoiding all issues related to the need of modifying application support at each alteration of the device's hardware configuration. All other user requests that include modification or upgrade of application support can be effected promptly and efficiently, thanks to Combis' own development and control of the ComKiosk solution.

Remote Monitoring and Operation Management
The monitoring and operation management software for ComKiosk devices also resulted from own development, based on extensive knowledge of the issues related to operation and maintenance of such devices. The a.m. software fully controls the operation of all ComKiosk devices and provides advanced possibilities of recovery from faults, if any, for example if the network is not available or if a card gets stuck, or in cases when the device runs out of paper. Furthermore, the software constantly monitors the status of the ComKiosk device and supports basic remote operation management, as well as updates of the device's application support.

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