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Payment Terminal – a device for automated bill payments in cash

How to increase revenue and cut costs, while improving efficiency and raising customer satisfaction? For all these requirements, COMBIS has a simple answer: The Payment Terminal – a solution for automated bill payments in cash!

The Payment Terminal is an innovative self-service device which operates by reading bills via barcode, thus enabling simple and fast bill payment. However, in addition to supporting and facilitating of the bill payment process, the device can also have functionalities that will allow for purchase of coupons, vouchers and the like.

Payment Terminals proved to be an extremely stable and well-accepted solution, both from the customer and from the business perspective.

platomatCustomer Aspect

  • Average transaction time is less than 1 minute
User Acceptance
  • Interactive interface with color screen
  • Simple and intuitive payment process
  • Cool design
  • Fits well into business interior
  • Fully customizable in line with corporate marketing standards
User-controlled Process Concept
  • No malfunction
  • Attracts customers

Business Aspect

  • More than 98% of banknotes accepted at first attempt
  • State-of-the-art electronic components of industrial reliability
  • Central operation panel
  • Simple IT system integration
  • Automation of operational tasks
  • Simple maintenance
  • Secure system on internal IT network
  • Numerous cash management algorithms
  • Recording of all transactions and activities
  • Walk away alarms
  • Separate interface for transaction reconstruction

The Payment Terminal provides 4 basic business benefits


In addition to the installation, Combis also provides logistics support in after-sales maintenance of all units.
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